Mazda announces some news – The Observer

Mazda announces some news – The Observer

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After a series of years without any clear information, The Mazda is gearing up for a busy year in 2022. In addition to launching a The new Mazda 2according to the Toyota Yaris Hybrid, which will ensure the commercial launch of the model and which we will talk about in another event, next year also the arrival of a new family of SUV models, from the middle/upper and upper part. As if this was not enough, the tram will finally arrive The MX-30 with the REX version, a rotary engine powered range extender to charge the battery.

Mazda has created a new platform for its most refined and largest models. Larger than the platform that currently serves the Mazda 3, MX-30 and CX-30, the new base will allow the launch in Europe (including the Portuguese market) of a family of vehicles, mostly SUVs, with the CX-60 and CX-80 denominations . The first one will guess larger dimensions than the current CX-5put yourself in part Dwith space for five adults, and the second, CX-80, to be large and with the possibility of up to seven people in three rows of seats.

The Mazda 6, which is also expected to appear in 2022, will be based on this model and will use the same platform as the new CX-60 and CX-80 SUVs.

With the CX-60 expected in 2022 in Portugal and the CX-80 a year later, both use a platform (called Grand Architecture) and longitudinal engine and rear wheel drive or 4 × 4which should also serve as the basis for the future Mazda 6.

Prepared to receive Mazda’s new 3.0 liter six-cylinder engine, this chassis is distinguished by the first by a manufacturer to handle plug-in hybrid versions (PHEV)which means having a place to live a pack of the battery without significantly reducing the space in the cabin or the trunk. So the CX-60 and CX-80 also deliver PHEV versions in which the main engine will be a four-cylinder petrol, the greatest choice and capacity in our market, thanks to low consumption and production, as well as the possibility of driving in electric mode. A diesel engine version will also be sold.


Also in 2022, the proposal will be the second version of the MX-30 tram, not with a large battery capacity, to increase freedom, but with the REX solution, Range Extension. This is a technology that Opel has already used in the Ampera-e and BMW in the i3 REX – both abandoned -, which include having a gasoline combustion engine that acts as a current generator, to charge the battery and increase autonomy..

The Mazda MX-30 will offer a REX version next year, with a rotary engine acting as a range extender.

The bottom line is that this engine/generator is a rotary piston unit that the brand has been developing for a few years., a mechanical solution that Mazda used successfully before in the RX-8 and thus returns to work, with a different philosophy. The good news is that the REX system allows to get rid of the reduced freedom of the MX-30bad news if, or at least a little good, the fact that the presence of a combustion engine on board makes the MX-30 REX a car connected as a plug-in hybrid and not a true electric one, at a time when subsidies and incentives for PHEVs are beginning to be contested.

It is known, however, that In 2025, Mazda will introduce its first platform designed from the ground up for battery-powered trams.which the Japanese manufacturer will offer an increasing range of 100% electric models.