Maximum exports: The purpose of the electronic vehicle may be missing

Maximum exports: The purpose of the electronic vehicle may be missing

For electronic vehicles only: the fast charging parks of the EnBW energy company in Kamener Kreu.
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If the federal government has its own way, there should be 15 million electronic cars on the road by 2030. This goal could be missed.

The reason for this is in the high distribution coefficient of used electronic vehicles. They would jeopardize the government’s goal of the e-car federation. Market analysts from Dataforce expect only a group of 11.1 million plug-ins by 2030, nearly 4 million below the target.

In addition to the small number of new registrations, the large number of vehicles being exported plays a role: out of 69,000 new registrations in 2018, only 40,000 were still on stock by the end of 2021 – a 40.4 percent decline. In the market as a whole, the rate of failure due to exports or dismissal is only 9.4 percent.

Purchase bonus causes trouble when reselling

The experts see the charge for the purchase of German electronic cars as an important reason for people to move abroad. It ensures that new electric cars are cheaper compared to used cars that can only be sold at great discounts.

On the other hand, higher prices can be obtained abroad. In addition, cases are known in which dealers sell or rent cars for six months in order to collect e-car payments. These vehicles are repurchased and exported as used vehicles. As the federal government plans to regulate purchasing payments from the end of the year, demand may continue to decline. Because government payments for clean electric vehicles should be reduced to 2000 euros, so that “only” 4000 euros will be paid. Payment for plug-in hybrids should be completely eliminated.

According to figures from the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA), the decline in new registrations for electric vehicles is already being considered. In April there were only 22,175 new registrations. That was 6.9 percent less than the same month last year. Industry experts attribute this not only to problems with parts, but also to uncertainty among buyers due to long delivery times and uncertainty of purchase payments. (with SP-X)

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