MAXI took technological solutions in the launch of the new HB20

MAXI took technological solutions in the launch of the new HB20

July 28, 2022

THE Hyundai raised, in Royal Palm Plazain Campinasinside of São Pauloa super event in to reveal of the new style of HB20 2023manufacturer’s sales success.

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O car brings as his main novel designwhich received new details and a new, more powerful version, the IST.

Therefore, if it could not be otherwise, event they wanted to show, to the media and guests those present, of correction he gives new version.

According to this mission, Innocean Corporation Brazilin payment of event productionhe was creative in creating a road map which would affect the public during a major disclosure.

THE MAX provided by technology of eventgiving more than 200 reflectors create a immersive environment in lightsas well as providing clearly a light which showed all the details of The new HB20.

The company also used more than 150m2 of panel in LEDs for content and a system in sound Meyer Sound.

Through this integrated technology, the desired effect was guaranteed at the right time of the event, and the revelation of car and its new details.

Another highlight of the night was mapthis is map projection in the car, which made the audience feel that car i was movementwith some internal details displayed on the dashboard.

for this; for this map projectionwere used Panasonic MAXI projects, operated by MAZE FXCreative HUB who was also responsible for all event content.

O event he had sinking dynamics which, with all the technology included in the content, produced an effective presentation, worthy of a launch of such importance to the industry.

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