Matt paints are all the rage at Audi

Matt paints are all the rage at Audi

Do you like matte colors? Good news, Audi offers new in the catalog, especially in sports cars. As a result of the increasing popularity of this translation.

The payment market responds to fixed and very specific rules. Starting with the color: there is no question of choosing red, green or yellow, customers almost always choose grey, black and white. Some hardly dare to be foreign with champagne or metallic and anthracite glittery, but that is about all in the conservative market, where selling is a sensitive issue, largely associated with the choice of color.

But these considerations do not apply to the M, AMG or Audi Sport sports series. The latter correctly announces the arrival of two new colors for its compact models.

Matte yellow and gray

Audi obviously takes great care in choosing their colors and names, the design studios of Ingolstadt, Malibu and Beijing dividing this important task. This is how you end up with unlikely names: “python yellow” and “rosy silver” now join “daytona gray” and “floret silver” in the compact ranges (TT, TTS, TT RS, Q3 and RS Q3).

The manufacturer explains that the flat paint procedure is complex: “with phosphate coat, paint finish – with cathodic immersion coating (CDP), filler, base coat and clear coat – It consists of five thin layers, the total thickness of which does not exceed a tenth of a millimeter. This is roughly the thickness of a strand of human hair. To meet the quality requirements of everyday use, the paint goes through various short and long-term tests, including stone testing and weather resistance.

Matt paint, this nightmare for builders when dealing with claims, is an option that can cost Audi several thousand euros, within Audi’s exclusive customization program.

Posted on 01/23/2022 Updated 01/23/2022