Maserati MC20 / Cielo vs Ferrati 296 GTB / GTS: duwa!

Maserati MC20 / Cielo vs Ferrati 296 GTB / GTS: duwa!

Two new luxury cars, available in a coupe and adjustable, with a new V6 engine for each. Two Italian brands Maserati and Ferrari. Do you hesitate between the two? Here is our Maserati MC20 coupé / Cielo vs Ferrari 296 GTB / GTS.


The design of the car is something to consider very much. On the one hand, the Maserati MC20 signifies the revival of the brand at the design level, on which the future Maseratis will be based, for example the new Grecale and the future GranTurismo. On the other hand the Ferrari 296 GTB picks up new Ferrari design codes launched by the SF90.

Equipment on board

In Maserati as in Ferrari, the interior exudes sports. Seats, steering wheel, paddles, … The only small “design” benefit will be for Ferrari, which connects the media screen dashboard to the driver and co-driver. In the case of Maserati, the intermediate multimedia screen has practical advantages. The sound system has been handed over to the Sonus faber for Maserati. This is not specified in Ferrari.


For the Maserati MC20 and Ferrari 296, two new V6 engines. So goodbye to the V8 for both brands. However, these engines have their own guts!

3.0L V6 90 ° Maserati engine

Launched at the launch of my Maserati MC20, the V6 Nettuno is announced with a trident brand as the brand new engine that uses F1 technology.

Provides high capacity of 630 hp at 7500 rpm, torque of 730Nm between 3000 and 5000 rpm and a top speed of 8000 rpm.

However, this engine is not very new because it is similar to the 56 hp V6 Alfa Romeo, which itself is taken from the Ferrari Portofini V8 from which we removed 2 cylinders. So evolution but not new.

Ferrari 3.0L V6 120 ° engine

In the recent history of Ferrari, this is the first time a V6 has been launched. Not without making cringe purists. It is also a hybrid oil / electric engine.

Provides high capacity of 830 hp at 8000 rpm, torque of 740Nm with a maximum speed of 8500 rpm.

This new engine, named code F163, is loosened up to 120 ° which leaves more space for turbos and the MGU-K power module is installed between the engine and the gearbox, and parallel to the internal combustion engine.

As you can see in the official video, the V6 Ferrari sound is excellent.


Contrary to what one may think, the Ferrari 296 GTB is slightly lower and shorter than the Maserati MC20. Thus, the wheelbase is also shorter by 10 cm. The width is the same.

Height Height Height Wheel base
Maserati MC20 1.22m 1.96m 4.67m 2.7m
Ferrari 296 GTB 1.18m 1.96m 4.56m 2.6m


In terms of performance, in the Maserati 3.0L V6 90 ° of 630 hp it faces the Ferrari 3.0L V6 120 ° 663 hp + 167 hp electric motor. If at the level of the engine heat power is close, the electric motor allows the Ferrari to deliver 200 hp more than the Maserati. So, it can be played at standard because of the Ferrari battery, but it is not!

Weight Power / torque 0 to 100 0 to 200 Vmax
Maserati MC20 1468kg 630 hp / 730 Nm 2.9 sec 8.8sek 325 km / h
Maserati MC20 Cielo 1540kg 630 hp / 730 Nm 3.0sek 9.2sek 320 km / h
Ferrari 296 GTB 1470kg 830 hp / 900 Nm 2.9 sec 7.3 sec 330 km / h
Ferrari 296 GTS 1540kg 830 hp / 900 Nm 2.9 sec 7.6 sec 330 km / h

The Ferrari electric car has the advantage of providing more performance, lower fuel consumption, 25 kilometers of range electricity and lower CO2. 149 g / km for Ferrari versus 262 g / km for Maserati.


Ferrari, because of its position and performance, must be above the price of Maserati… before malus! As you can see below, with the French malus, with no choice, the Ferrari 296 turns out to be cheaper than the Maserati MC20. Thank you PHEV technology.

All tariffs included prices Punishment Price after malus FR
Maserati MC20 € 235,200 € 40,000 € 275,200
Maserati MC20 Cielo € 265,400 € 40,000 € 305,400
Ferrari 296 GTB € 272,000 898 € € 272,898
Ferrari 296 GTS € 300,000 898 € € 300,989

Conclusion: Ferrari!

The most powerful engine, the real new, the unique sound for the V6 and, priced after the FR penalty under the MC20, the Ferrari 296 wins this duel down. The only obstacle will be delivery time, which is longer in Ferrari than Maserati. If you want to be unique, the Maserati MC20 is the first major brand of the Italian brand and remains less expensive than the Ferrari …