Maserati Grecale Modena, a hybrid with a small step

Maserati Grecale Modena, a hybrid with a small step


TEST – Taking its name from the wind blowing from the side of the Greek islands, the second SUV from the company with the trident bends to the reality of our time.

Without shame. Landing on the market, the Grecale threatens to overshadow its big brother Levante which is starting to show the weight of its years. It can certainly claim the title of the most modern model in the range. maserati, except for the MC20 supercar. Built on Giorgio’s platformAlfa Romeo The Stelvio, Modena’s second SUV boasts high-tech upgrades: digital instruments, head-up display, voice recognition, engine-turning wheels.


The disappearance of the gear lever in favor of buttons and the adoption of a watch with a conventional display between conventional or digital hands proves that we have changed an era. Despite some plastic parts, the perceived quality and atmosphere meet the category level. From its height of 4.85 m which places it among Porsche Cayenne and Macan, Grecale takes the opportunity to carry rear passengers in comfort and ensures a boot volume of 535 liters in the hybrid version. This is another big novelty for this SUV: pending the arrival of the Folgore electric version next year, the Grecale inherits the 4-cylinder light hybrid of the Ghibli sedan. The sound doesn’t sound like the V6 Nettuno’s 530 hp but it’s deceptive in Sport mode.

Hybridization reduces malus


A small hybrid based on an alternator-starter, an electric compressor and a 48 V battery does not allow electric driving but the system supports 4 cylinders during acceleration phases, which translates into reduced consumption. Grecale Modena thus avoid supermalus. As a bonus, the Italian SUV accomplishes comfortable performance and high-flying pleasure, even if the controls deserve a little more effort.

Technical paper

Engine: 4 cylinders. turbo + 1 electric motor,

1,995 cc, 330 hp, 450 Nm

Transmission: Key, automatic box. 8 gears

Dimensions: L. 4.84, w. 1.97, h. 1.66 m

Consumption: 8.8 l/100 km

CO emissions2: 199g/km

Speed: 240 km / h

Price: €86,000