Maserati announces production of electric SUV, GT and sports car – 09/27/2019

Maserati announces production of electric SUV, GT and sports car – 09/27/2019

Italian luxury car brand Maserati has announced that it will innovate in its future production. The manufacturer promises that it will start working on electric cars produced in Italy, taking advantage of an investment of 5.5 billion dollars (about $ 22.8 billion) from its owner, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

According to Maserati, all the cars will be equipped with battery-electric and hybrid systems “capable of delivering the innovation and high performance embedded in the brand’s DNA” and “offering unique driving modes, extended range and ultra-fast charging capabilities “.

The first car will be a sports car, which has not yet been named by the automaker. However, it could be the production version of the Alfieri concept, made in 2014. The car is scheduled to be launched in 2020 and will be produced at the Maserati factory in Modena.

The mid-size SUV will be produced at Cassino, which is currently responsible for the production of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia. The arrival of this model is not expected until 2021. Maserati says that this car is “set to play a leading role for the brand, thanks to its innovative technologies”.

Finally, the GranTurismo and GranCabrio will get a second generation, ushering in a “complete electrification era for Maserati”. To be manufactured in Turin, there is no official release date, although Maserati has promised in-house deliveries a 2021 GranTurismo and a 2022 GranCabrio.

Along with this, the brand promises to make the Ghibli its first hybrid model from 2020.

The automaker also wants to include autonomous driving in its new cars, with level 2 assistance (in which the car accelerates, brakes and controls the steering) and level 3 (in which the car can navigate the road on its own).

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