Mario Kart 8 – Wave 2 of the Extra Tracks Pass is available!

Mario Kart 8 – Wave 2 of the Extra Tracks Pass is available!

In the middle of summer, Nintendo decided to release the second wave of songs from its Extra Songs Pass on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Many fans of the game have noticed this Thursday, August 4, a the update is available on Nintendo Switch. it’s about second wave of cycles What does P offer?Mario Kart 8 Deluxe extra tracks assfeaturing eight new songs.

Those who are passionate about licensing will definitely recognize the popular ones Circle Mario 3,, Kalimari Desertinteresting Waluigi Flipper,, Snow Country or iconic Mushroom throat.

However it is possible that the other rounds of the list mean nothing to you. Nothing could be more common, as on the one hand Nintendo gives us Sorbet City which is absolutely not publishedand on the other handNew York Getaway and Sprint in Sydney.

These are loops from the game Mario Kart Tour. If so, you know this mobile game that has been somewhat rejected by the gaming community. However, the developers decided to adapt to the console these two circuits unknown to the general public.

As a reminder, if you haven’t already purchased an Extra Pass, it is available for a price €24.99 at retailers or at the online store of Nintendo.

Photo: Nintendo

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