Maringaense has a two meter boa constrictor as a pet

Maringaense has a two meter boa constrictor as a pet

Paola Maciel, from Maringa, has a two-metre boa constrictor as a pet. Photo: Personal memory

Escobar, a boa constrictor about two meters long, is the (unusual) pet of businesswoman Paola Maciel, 36, from Maringa. The snake, now six years old, arrived in Maringá when it was still a baby, only three months old.

I have always loved all animals. And a friend of ours, who had exotic animals, had a boa constrictor and we loved it. Boa constrictor is a very quiet, calm and peaceful animal”, said Paola in an interview with GMC Online.

That’s how the businessman decided to have a pet snake. He contacted a breeder specializing in boa control, which is located in the state of Minas Gerais and is licensed by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama). Escobar was sent by plane and landed in Londrina, where Paola went to pick him up.

“When I bought Escobar, I worked in the mall and took him to the mall with me. I have also taken him to Parque do Ingá on weekends. He has always been the sensation of the places we take him. And he was always very calm, people touched him and, since he arrived, he never threatened to attack anyone“, emphasizes Maringaense.

Maringaense has a two meter boa constrictor as a pet
Maringa businessman Paola Maciel and “Escobar”, her favorite boa constrictor. Photo: Personal memory

In addition, Paola makes sure that Escobar does not give any work. “It is not a pet that needs a lot of attention, like a dog, for example, which you have to pay attention to every day. Its terrarium is easy to care for and feeding is very easy”, he highlights.

That’s because Escobar only feeds once a month. “Since he was young he has been eating rats that have already been slaughtered, he just changes size. Most people don’t know, but boa constrictors eat and defecate once a month – often. Since its food is large, digestion takes about ten days. During this period, we do not deal with him, within a few days he defecates and the rest of the time is for the digestive bacteria to reorganize for a new diet”, explains maringaense.

Pythons belong to the Boidae family, which includes the largest species of snakes. it is not poisonous. In the case of this species, the male is smaller than the female. According to Paola Maciel, Escobar should not exceed 2.5 meters.

“Captive males reach adulthood at the age of five, so they don’t grow more than two meters. Control boa males generally reach a maximum of 2.5 meters. We see that it doesn’t grow much because of the changes in the skin, which is further from each other. It tends to get a little thicker”, he says.

Today, since she lives in a small house in Maringá, Paola took Escobar’s yard to the farm where her mother lives, in Marialva. “His terrarium is big, so I live in a very small house, today his terrarium is in the farm with my mother. When I spend the weekend there, I end up enjoying it more there than here. (…) But sometimes I bring him to Maringá, so my friends can get to know him” , explained the businessman.

In addition to Escobar, there are three dogs and a cat on the farm. But even with all the calmness of the snake, each animal has its place. “None of them live with Escobar, because the smell of dogs and cats can mean the smell of his food, we avoid accidents. And also vice versa, so that the dogs do not see the mysterious Escobar “, he insists.

Paola does not have children yet, but she has already warned: “when she comes, she will definitely live with Escobar. [risos]. Children love him, many are not afraid, unlike adults”, concludes maringaense.

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