Maringá in the picture: the city, several angles

Maringá in the picture: the city, several angles

Completing 73 years in 2020, Maringá is known for extensive tree planting, planning, historical attractions and tourism. And every corner of the city deserves the attention of photographers. O GMC website he talked to some of them, who see the city as having different attitudes and different methods of registration every time.

Kaio Murilo It has a characteristic look to your photos. He says that most of them were taken for a competition in the city where the topic was the question: “How do you see Maringá?”. His photo and that of his friend Anna Julia Sbardelott came in 3rd place and was the record of Av. Lawyer Horacio Raccanello Filho. “It’s where there is a lot of movement, where a lot of things happen there, there are people getting married, people recording video clips, it’s near supermarkets, so we thought it represented the city well”, he says. Check out this and other photos from the photographer:

The Matheus file it also introduces new ways to see Song City. Your favorite photo was taken from the top of the hotel. “It’s a corner of the city that I’ve never seen before, I saw this sky mixing with the lights of the city, I think it all came together”, says Ficher. Ready Fadi Hijazi he has a favorite photo of himself that he recorded from inside the Ingá da Catedral Park. “It was dark in the garden, I was looking at the light passing through the leaves and I found the cathedral in the middle”, says Hijazi.

Ready André França It even has another way of capturing images: analog photography. “The fact of not immediately knowing how the image turned out is very interesting and, if the results in the development and scanning are good, it ends up stimulating further clicks”, says França. For him, his favorite photo is the one taken on Avenida Getúlio Vargas. “My favorite photo is the one of the man walking around with the bag, because I managed to focus even though he was moving, this is one of those that I didn’t believe had good results. But it did! In addition, her outfit made the photo look more retro,” explains the photographer.

Filmmaker Thiago Louzada has urban photography as an inspiration, using this kind of technique even for nature photos. “The challenge is to find angles or situations that can attract the attention of those who see the picture”, he says. Check out some of his photos:

Some photographers prefer a drone to capture the rest of the city. Raony Piratello has been doing this type of capture for five years and says that the images depend a lot on the weather and the device’s battery. Ricardo Matiello is another one who uses this technique and his photo of the Cathedral even won an international award, on the cover of the French edition of National Geographic, in 2015.

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