Marcondes faces a 2,000km journey to stage in Termas

Marcondes faces a 2,000km journey to stage in Termas

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THE Porsche Cup it returned to the international stage, after the worst period of the epidemic, when travel restrictions made it possible to travel to other countries. Selected location: Termas de Rio Hondorace track located in Santiago del Estero, about 2,400 km from São Paulo.

The distance is impressive, but not for a Sprint Challenge category driver, Nelson Marcondeswho faced a trip to that place on his motorcycle, with a pilot and a coach Renan Guerrawho joined in the first stage of the endurance championship in which the two emerged victorious.

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In particular, Marcondes expressed the idea of ​​making a move in Argentina by motorcycle.

“I have been traveling by motorcycle for many years and I have done several in South America”, said Marcondes. “I know Peru, Bolivia, all of Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, which were not on my list, I crossed them now, for the first time. I am closing the map, now I need to go to Colombia and Panama.”

Nelson Marcondes and Renan Guerra

Photo by: Parenting

“I’m used to doing these long trips, the last one I did was in January 2020, just before the pandemic started and right after my bike was stored, for almost two years. When Porsche confirmed the podium here, I said ‘perfect, I’ll plan one pleasure with another’. I was very happy to come to Argentina on a motorbike, it gave me that anxiety, I felt like I was a kid again, packing bags and stuff, and the trip was great.

The motorcycle used is designed for this type of journey: “I always use a BMW motorcycle, the R1250 GS Adventure, a motorcycle with a large tank and freedom, designed for every terrain, it goes very well on the pavement, but when I need it. through a dirt track, it’s going well too.”

In addition to the marathon in the first stage, Marcondes managed to win one of the races in the championship, as well as emerging victorious in the first endurance stage with Guerra. The pilot also decided to return to São Paulo by motorbike, asking the group to take the loot on an unusual ‘trip’, as there would be no chance to return it.

Nelson Marcondes

Nelson Marcondes

Photo by: Parenting

See how the two run on Sunday