Marcelinho Carioca reveals details of beef with Mascherano and blames Kia

Marcelinho Carioca reveals details of beef with Mascherano and blames Kia

In 2006, a year after winning their fourth Brazilian championship, Corinthians were struggling against relegation and an exchange of shots between Marcelinho Carioca and Javier Mascherano in training caused controversy. In an interview with ‘Deu Zebra Cast’, the former number 7 recalled the tiff with the Argentine and gave a backstage explanation.

“Mascherano punched me first, then the second I thought something was wrong, the third I turned around and said: ‘Geninho I will punch him’ I just gave him one and he came. to complain, I walked and he pushed me. Geninho said: ‘Masche, you hit him three times and he only hit you once, but you still want to fight?’ – the player.

According to Marcelinho Carioca, immediately after training, Mascherano immediately apologized for the confusion and also explained the reasons for ‘causing’ violence during training.

“The training was over and I went to the weight training, Mascherano went there and apologized and then went to tell me that he was Kia. [Joorabchian] he didn’t want me to play with Tevez. Tevez should have been a star [do time]as it was in 2005. He was in charge [Kia]”, revealed Marcelinho.

Despite being idolized by the fans, the former midfielder said that he spent several months training apart from the squad when he returned to Corinth. According to him, the president at the time, Alberto Dualib, tried to pay for his residence, even going against Kia Joorabchian.

“I was hired, but I didn’t train with the staff. When they trained at Parque Ecológico, I went to Parque São Jorge and vice versa. I thought: ‘Am I a prisoner? An invader?’ two years, I was making a lot of money, but the financial issue was secondary, the issue was my relationship and history with the Corinthians. Alberto Dualib paid for me, but Kia was already in charge”, he said.

After Geninho’s departure, Emerson Leão took over at Corintho and was responsible for informing Marcelinho of his situation within the club. The former player gave details of the conversation he had with the coach.

“The lion came and was wonderful with me. He came and said: ‘You can’t stay here, they. [pessoal do Kia] I don’t want you here. Dualib loves you. I’m a worker and I’m telling you.’ I thanked him”, concluded Marcelinho.