Major analysts say buy shares such as McDonald’s and Tesla – Reuters

Major analysts say buy shares such as McDonald’s and Tesla – Reuters

The McDonald’s logo appears in a restaurant in Arlington, Virginia on January 27, 2022.

Joshua Roberts | Reuters

It seems that inflation, rising oil prices and other commodities, and geographical instability are affecting almost every sector.

Now, the arrival of the revenue season brings another element for investors to consider.

Instead of focusing on the short-term volatility that these events can create, investors need to keep a long-term perspective. Wall Street senior analysts highlight their favorite stocks during a tough time, according to TipRanks, which tracks analysts who perform well.

Here are five stocks that attracted analysts.


As states evaluate military spending, there may be more investment in big data companies like Palantir (PLTR) The software analysis company has two components, government and business, and provides unique solutions to its customers.

Although its growth has been slower than that of its counterparts, Palantir is still profitable and continues to develop the innovation of the new generation, taking the “tread path” compared to Big Tech’s common names. At least it fits by Brian White a recent report by Monness, Crespi, Hardt & Co. (See Palantir Risk Analysis on TipRanks)

White blocked the stock from buying, and set a price target of $ 20.

It was found that Palantir “remained faithful to its core values, fostering a diverse culture and creating a unique program.”

The story of digital transformation is no stranger, but White believes that many entities are still in the early stages of embracing large-scale data analysis as their main priorities.

White wrote that PLTR has “significant revenue growth, pioneering status in the emerging program unit, software development that disrupts existing legacy solutions … and good market opportunities.”

At TipRanks, White holds the position at No. 178 out of approximately 8,000 analysts. His stock options were successful 64% of the time, and he returned an average of 29.1% for each.


Digital innovation has helped McDonald’s (MCD) performs driving processes more efficiently, simplifies presentation capabilities, and builds brand loyalty through its gift plan. The international restaurant is in a good position to continue to return revenue to shareholders.

Ivan Feinseth of Tigress Financial Partners noted that “MCD growth programs, including AI-driven voice control, digital marketing, new delivery partnerships, supply chain management and ongoing innovation, will continue to drive long-term business direction. and market share benefits. ”

Feinseth set the stock price as a purchase and announced a target price of $ 314 per share.

McDonald’s recent partnership with IBM (IBM) is expected to integrate AI technology into its driving segment, significantly improve customer experience and help increase import rates. Regarding McDonald’s use, the enhanced loyalty program simplifies giving points to customers for their purchases, and thus implemented through repeated visits.

The fast food company reported strong quarterly results in January, publishing its highest annual sales of one US store, driven by “McRib’s excellent performance and high demand for its crispy chicken sandwich,” according to and Feinseth.

The analyst expects McDonald’s to continue paying dividends and repurchasing shares. (See McDonald’s Corp. Dividend Data on TipRanks)

Of the more than 8,000 financial analysts, Feinseth is ranked 75th. He has a pass rate of 66%, with an average return of 29.5% for each option.

You are here

You are here (TSLA) recently began the opening of its Austin factory. The factory has been waiting for many investors for a long time, and the CEO hopes Elon Musk to be the best production site for its various vehicles, including the highly anticipated Cybertruck.

Locally, the company has been ahead of competitors for many years, who have struggled to make their operations run smoothly, according to Dan Ives of the Wedbush Guarantee. He also expects Austin and Berlin factories to lead Tesla to produce 2 million cars by the end of this year. In context, that’s 100% more than the EV manufacturer in 2021. Austin will calculate a quarter of that amount.

Ives reaffirmed its stock purchase rating and maintained its $ 1,400 price target.

Describing it as a “high-level problem of over-supply demand,” Ives said Tesla Model Y’s instructions are about six months behind schedule. While this is something that gives a business a clear look at its future revenue, it cannot make capital properly if it cannot fill orders. Also, users will go elsewhere if they cannot find their new cars. (See Tesla Website Styles on TipRanks)

Finally, the Berlin factory is required to handle all European supply, which the Shanghai factory produced until recently. This system of fleet around the world was not sustainable and should be stopped as Berlin increased.

Ives is ranked number 332 among nearly 8,000 professional analysts. He is right when he shares 59% of the time, and has an average return of 23.2% on each estimate.


CrowdStrike (CRWD) is emerging in the cyber security industry because the company has successfully implemented its pipeline and created strict standards of customer protection.

Jonathan Ruykhaver of Baird recently reported on the move, stating that “the original architecture of the cloud, one intelligent agent, real-time AI of the cloud, an integrated platform and enhancement. [are] key innovations that create a strong competitive path and entry barriers. »

Ruykhaver set the stock price as a purchase and raised its price target to $ 275 from $ 225.

Noting that CrowdStrike “does not lack growth opportunities,” the analyst referred to the company’s implementation of network security of product modules offered to consumers. He noted that CRWD has increased the number of modules by more than 100% since its IPO.

These various offers provide an attractive ecological system for its customers, a quality that is essential in such a competitive market. (See CrowdStrike Hedge Fund Activity on TipRanks)

Ruykhaver explained that “FalconXDR, cloud solutions, integration and memory management” have boosted growth and led CrowdStrike to a competitive position among their peers.

Of the nearly 8,000 analysts, Ruykhaver ranks 8th. He was successful in estimating shares 81% of the time and has an average return rate of 57.1%.


Line (CHWY) encountered strong winds as a result of the tragedy as people took pets and turned to an online retailer for supplies.

However, this epidemic and its trends have largely faded in recent months, and Chewy’s calculation has taken a toll as a result. Despite this, Doug Anmuth of JPMorgan does not think that the main business of the topic is not very attractive. In his report, the analyst considers him to be “the largest pet trader in the United States”, in a “growing and very interesting unit at the beginning of the online turn.”

Anmuth set the stock price as a purchase and issued a target price of $ 55.

He predicts the company’s growth in its pharmaceutical sector and opportunities for international expansion. The analyst expects customer growth that will continue to increase until the end of the year and by 2023. By then, he expects revenue growth of 16% for the current financial year. (See Tender stock charts on TipRanks)

Despite these promotional factors, the short-term challenges continue to increase for Chewy. Inflation pressures and supply chain constraints are still unknown and difficult to control. No retailer wants their products unavailable, especially when their customers can make purchases elsewhere.

Gross domestic product is still expected to grow, ‘more than 25-28% due to new initiatives including raw and processed foods, health and well-being including insurance, and advertising, which are expected to start further by 2023, “Anmuth noted.

Anmuth is ranked # 273 among approximately 8,000 analysts specializing in the TipRanks database. He has a pass rate of 54% and returns an average of 26.6% on his marks.

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