main Bentley Korean models

main Bentley Korean models

After Honda, Nissan and Toyota, Hyundai has joined the list of Asian manufacturers entering the top market. For starters, the word “over the rows” is apt

For those who know little about Hyundai history, the word ” Genesis “It ‘s not new. A South Korean manufacturer had sold the coupe using this name a few years ago in connection with a road sedan that has never been sold on our latitudes. But since November 2015,” Genesis “has been a separate division of the Asian brand. Nissan and Infiniti, Hyundai wanted to launch high-quality brand perfectly. But Koreans go farther than the Japanese as they intend to enjoy luxury brands such as Bentley. Sorry a little!

Legal sedan

It should not be believed that Genesis was created to save the South Korean department fleet or to provide Hyundai luxury on the US market. In less than a year, it has been successful in Europe through Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. After being redesigned in 2020 thanks to Belgian Luc Donckerwolke, sedan. G80 is the one in which the adventure began six years ago. This rival of the BMW 5 Series and other Audi A6 offers many accessories and a full range of engines. Its interior is well stocked with recycling materials. His older sister, G90, is an interesting limousine. The second generation was launched last December, available with an extended chassis for the upper rows.

Korean Bentayga!

Hyundai’s flagship branch is an impressive GV80, the first SUV from Genesis and a real Bentley Bentayga given Korean sauce! Be equipped to make Maybach blush, the GV80 drips and noble equipment. It is located in South Korea where logically it has been the most sold. No less than 50,000 copies have been sold there for two years. For those who want a smaller SUV, there is GV70 which distinguished itself by winning the SUV of the Year 2022 title presented by Motor Trend.

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