Magny-Cours, Race 1: Clairet continues to win!

Magny-Cours, Race 1: Clairet continues to win!

In leadership, we witnessed a ruthless battle between Teddy Clairet (Peugeot 308 RC # 20 – Team Clairet Sport) and Florian Briche (Peugeot 308 RC # 24 – JSB Compétition). The latter surprised poleman at the start before losing control in the first round. But Florian maintained a very high pressure for 25 minutes, the gap not exceeding one second. In the final round, the two Peugeots approached Nürburgring’s fast-paced series before shrugging their shoulders at 180 degrees. But Teddy Clairet held on to his fourth victory of the year!

Behind the cheers, another fight delighted all fans. After a brilliant start from his 5th place on the grid, Benoit Eveillard (BMW M2 CS Racing # 41 – VSF Sports – Amplitude Automobile) defended the tooth and nailed it to third place. Benefiting from BMW’s higher speeds, it withstood the pressure on the surface of the Peugeot 308 RC more agile. Xavier Guyonnet (# 11 – Team Clairet Sport by TSM) then Vincent Bouteiller (# 12 – JSB Compétition) did not give him a one-minute break, but Benoit made no mistake finding his first platform in FFSA Tourism, the first also from BMW. in 2022.

Vincent Bouteiller – has recovered after colliding with Jean-Mathieu Leandri in the first round – and Xavier Guyonnet finished 5th ahead of another Peugeot, that of Mickaël Alaurent (Peugeot 308 RC # 85 – Micka Racing).

After his full run in the first round, the result of contact with Vincent Bouteiller, Jean-Mathieu Leandri (BMW M2 CS Racing # 18 – VSF Sports – Amplitude Automobile) ended in a draw after winning the best at the end of the race. on Julien Jacob-Cano (Peugeot 308 RC # 77 – Terre & Mer Performance by JSB). With a few more rounds, a Corsican activist could target a position in the top five!

While Carla Debard (BMW M2 CS Racing # 21 – Debard Automobiles by Racetivity) and Franck Salvi (Peugeot 308 RC # 14 – JSB Compétition) scored on a total of points, Daniel Saunier finished 13th in his GMu Peugeot RCZ RC team involved. in TCA-1.

The fight in TCA-2 was as exciting as the victory fight. At the wheel of their Renault Clio Cup IV, Enzo Carvalhido (# 36 – Sport Auto Racing), Joris Berriau (# 185 – AJL Auto Sport) and Enzo Maugy (# 76 – Perftech) did not allow the crossing of this arrangement, but with a gap of less than a second, the finish line. A little behind, Michel Béziat (Renault Clio Cup IV # 176 – Perftech) finished 4th in the TCA-2.

Improving her best personal time despite nightfall, Margot Carvalhido (Peugeot 208 RC – Sport Auto Racing in TCA-Light) was smiling broadly after this nightly event.

This Sunday, competitors in the French FFSA Tourism Competition will descend on the pitch twice. First for the 50 minute long race, which will start at 10.20 am, then for the last 25 minute race at 4.30 am. Everything will of course be followed live on the GTWorld YouTube channel and on the social media of the tournament!

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