Lynk & Co tour in Berlin, …

Lynk & Co tour in Berlin, …

Say goodbye to traditional businesses, cumbersome paperwork and customer experience. Lynk & Co shakes up codes and changes club deals!

More than challenging dealers, the brand is challenging the automotive industry by completely rethinking the way to own cars. With a promise of simplified, flexible, sustainable and shareable mobility, the brand offers several “standard” and yet surprisingly shiny formulas.

After the difficult year of 2021 for the automotive industry, the explosion of gasoline prices in this first half of 2022, the increase in the use of lease / rental formulas, all this increased the global desire to use energy that respects the environment more, Lynk & Co is fully focused on this power aimed at restoring the car.
Already counting more than 30,000 members in Europe, the great success of Lynk & Co is a proof of the innovative nature of the concept.

Imagine entering a downtown store on two floors where from the landing you can see four different spaces, which certainly have nothing to do with each other, and which nevertheless revolve around the same motorcycle: sustainability. You don’t know it yet but you’ve joined the car club

You are welcomed by a consultant behind the bar, happy to explain the idea of ​​this unique shop next to a white coffee, made by him. Filled with information, you are free to explore as you see fit the many services offered through the various spaces on the site.

On your left, articles from responsible and sustainable brands are at your fingertips to change your consumption habits. Beyond the sales space, the main goal of the club is to present its 100% green world and its collaboration with local brands or artists who are equally committed to the planet.

If you like, you can sit in front of the window to send your last emails of the day. A sofa is also available if your work day is over and relaxation is the goal of your visit. The tranquility of this space, highlighted by background music, makes you feel at home, even making you forget that you are in a concept store.

Back at the bar, head straight ahead and immerse yourself in the world of mobility, Lynk & Co.’s origins. The view of a small royal blue theater surrounds you. Why the delivery? This highly innovative sale features mobility products such as bicycles, skateboards. And this space is also designed to host extraordinary events such as responsible fashion shows.

Go a little further and come face to face with the car of your dreams. As in a traditional dealership, imagine getting into this car. Always more respectful of the environment, the car is a rechargeable hybrid.

Track your steps and take the stairs that challenged you when you arrived.

Once installed, a choice must be made. To your left, a room with beautiful woodwork on the walls and above all, a fireplace. Think you’re in an old library? America too! For Harry Potter lovers, do as we did and imagine yourself wearing your invisibility cloak and wandering through the library as your favorite fictional character. In fact, you are in a room of other people working together and isolated from the rest of the club. Here for sure, it makes you want to plan all your next meetings for video conferencing!

After this adventure, discover a whole new world hidden behind you. A room with walls no longer covered with wood but with a beautiful green cloth surrounds you.

Between work, relaxation and shopping, let us introduce you to the different activities that are packed in this room. A few items available for sale are displayed on marble effect furniture.

From a pair of shoes to household items to toilet paper made from bamboo, you’ll find shopping ideas. And if you have any doubts about your size, fitting rooms are at your service.

Go ahead and sit by a large table that invites conversation and relaxation. There is nothing better than meeting other Lynk & Co members, gathering their opinions and experiences.

The decorations set with the dominant green color together with the lights, make it possible to create a relaxing atmosphere.

You will notice, throughout your visit, that your senses are greatly stimulated: hearing the current music in the background, touching and testing the car and the furniture in different positions, the taste and smell and the cakes in the bar, without forgetting. perspective and a surprising and interesting business.

The concept of this store, which is a real place to live, definitely deserves more attention.

To know:
You can test drive your future car during a Lynk&Co tour or at one of the stations by booking your reservation online.
Hub Lynk&Co in Berlin: Reinbeckstraße 11 Reinbeckhallen | Hall 49, 12459 Berlin, Germany
Address: Münzstraße 21-23, 10178 Berlin, Germany
Brand launch: 2016
Opening of the club in Berlin: 2021
Number of clubs: 4 including 1 in Berlin
Presence in other countries: Netherlands (Amsterdam), France (Antwerp), Sweden (Gothenburg)
Upcoming clubs: Paris, Barcelona, ​​Rome, Milan

Article written by Johanna Attia, Maurine Barbier, Sandra Mettavant and Tiffen Munoz
Students – Master’s Degree in Distribution and Customer Relations – University of Paris Dauphine – PSL