Low increase in 2023?

Low increase in 2023?

The Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, directly rejects the idea of ​​an increase in tax prices resulting from inflation in France.

Thanks to the war in Ukraine and the recovery of the economy following the Covid-19 pandemic, inflation continues to grow rapidly in France. Last July, he stood at 6.1%, compared to 5.8% in previous months. Records since 1985.

A situation that remains worse than euro zone average, at 8.9%. Especially since it should calm down in the coming months. Olivier Véran, the government spokesman, actually recently confirmed that the peak of inflation had been reached.

Still, faced with this, many companies want to adjust their prices higher. Starting with road companies, which have raised the idea of ​​a price increase reflected in inflation in 2023. And so a price increase more than 5%.

The government rejects the idea of ​​increasing the price of taxes according to inflation

The idea reached the ears of Clément Beaune, the current Minister of Transport, who was quick to reject it. “In the contracts between the Government and the road companies, there is a principle of annual tax assessment which is It was decided in February and takes inflation into accounthe first remembered in the ranks of Sunday newspaper.

However, the current inflation suggests a large assessment of the tax price, which the Minister wanted to reduce. “I say very clearly that, for me, it is it is unlikely that there will be an increase next February, of 7% or 8%. » In this sense, Clément Beaune shows that he has start negotiations with road companieswhose investment is subject to the weight of inflation..

Remarks that are connected to those of the beginning of July, when he called the traders to the sign. “The government has focused its energies on oil, with a discount of 18 cents which continues until the fall, He said then. We go, with Bercy, bring all actors to the table to think about actions. It would be useful if road companies to take action. »

Note that in 2022, the price to be paid for taxes has increased by an average of 2% on tricolor highways. This increase was it was reduced to just 0.44% a year ago.

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