Low-cost electric cars: Citroën to compete with Dacia

Low-cost electric cars: Citroën to compete with Dacia

Information devices Low-cost electric cars: Citroën to compete with Dacia

Citroen is attacking the affordable electric car sector head-on, with the Dacia Spring appealing. Visually there is probably more to cars than we think.

Dacia Spring price in the front line

In an interview with our colleagues from
, Vincent Cobée, the director of Citroën launches a new car to end the “extortion of personal transport. The future of the car is not in an electric SUV weighing 2.2 to 2.5 tons for 50-60,000 euros. Modern electric cars are more focused on increasing technology and range and not on increasing the maximum price. We get Tesla that tends to gradually lower its prices, minus inflation.

Citroen’s future electric car is supposed to take the C3 platform which will go on sale in India and Brazil soon. An inside source however notes that the European model of the C3 will be “completely different”. Its price will not exceed 20,000 euros, guarantees Vincent Cobée, a little more than Dacia Spring.

Manufacturing and selling the car in these two countries will allow “to use the platform in Europe, taking the lessons learned from the best development in India.” The result will be economies of scale very close in a European market full of high-end electric cars. So we can generally expect an image close to Indo-Brazilian C3, and some nuances.

Who can compete with the price of Dacia?

Currently, no manufacturer in Europe can directly compete with Dacia Spring. The cheapest model at the moment is the new Twingo E-Tech which still exceeds 24,000 euros. Above we find the Fiat 500e for 26,000 euros, the best quality / price ratio. On the other hand, it does not fit the proportions that the Dacia Spring can have.

In the higher price range, we can mention Peugeot e208, Renault Zoe E-Tech. Note that we get the Smart EQ fortwo at a starting price of 28,000 euros, for two seats and a maximum range of 135 kilometers. Probably one of the worst deals for an electric car. Even if you want a two-seater electric car, you can also pick up the Renault Twizy E-Tech for 11,000 euros.

Finally, the new electric C3 that Citroën wants to present promises a very attractive price considering the current market. Its release is scheduled for 2023 in Europe. No attributes are shared with the Stellantis group brand.