Lotus and Cali Series: Ludivine Reding on the mic |  Video

Lotus and Cali Series: Ludivine Reding on the mic | Video

Lending her voice to the character of Lotus, Ludivine Reding lives the adventures of a mischievous little girl in the Quebec series. Lotus and Cali.

The actor’s eyes light up as he interprets Lotus into the microphone. In addition to pursuing an acting career (Run away, The knockout theory, method), Ludivine Reding has been dubbing since the age of 8. We owe her the voice of Agnès in the Quebec version of the film Despicable Me) 1 and 2. For Lotus and CaliHe had the pleasure of contributing to the world building of this children’s series.

The director, Martin Cright, is passionate about the originality and innovation behind this incredible series. Lotus, Cali and all their friends were created by Barbara Dufour. Contrary to conventional production methods, the sounds were recorded first, and the animation followed later. This approach allowed Ivan Boivin to draw inspiration from the actors’ performances to adapt and direct the animation of P2.

Entirely created, produced and curated by Télé-Québec, each five-minute episode invites 6- to 8-year-olds to discover the love of reading through adventure, laughter and humor. The entire series can be found on the platform squats of Tele-Quebec.



Direction, camera and editing: Louis-Philippe Chagnon
Coordination: Isabelle Longtin

In a row Lotus and Cali

Directed by: Martin Wright

Artistic direction: Marie-Hélène Comeau

Digital Media Director: Hélène Archambault

Production: Tele-Quebec

Performers: Ludivine Reding (Lotus); Nicolas Charbonneaux (Cali); Pierre-Etienne Rouillard (Chopin); Melissa Curzi (Rumiko); Sebastien Reding (Giraud); and Marika Lhoumeau (Bechdel)