Looking back at the historic third slope of Saint-Vincent

Looking back at the historic third slope of Saint-Vincent

It is under the hot sun that the Volants de l’Emblavez organized, this Sunday, the third edition of the historic climb of Saint-Vincent.

The hill climb, takes place every two years, during which old car lovers show, without any competition, all the power of their cars. “Our priority is to create a friendly time in complete safety,” says Jean-Louis Rozier, president of the Volants de l’Emblavez association. But also to improve the industrial heritage that old cars represent”Ascent of Saint-Vincent

For this new edition, 67 pilots from Haute-Loire, Haute-Savoie, Loire, or even Ardèche had made the trip. “Less figures than the previous edition that brought together 87 entries two years ago”, complains Jean-Louis Rozier, while trying to find an explanation. “I think with this pandemic there can be a numbness and people are more reluctant to participate in these protests.”Laurence Charrel Lotus

However, this did not prevent a great show from being given by the presence, among others, of 205 GTIs from the 1980s, the important Lancia Delta or even, more unusual, the Caterham Seven from 1989. A small two-seater sports car. , instead of the confidence that comes from the presence not only of Colin Chapman (the founder of the Lotus brand), he also nicknamed him the “mustache genius” who thought of his contour, but also of the Lotus brand which, by acquiring the brand in 1973 , has maintained production.Alpine 1600 S Dominique Bonnefoy

In addition to historic cars, “luxury” cars have also been added, such as Laurence Charrel’s Lotus Exige.

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Prestiges and prototypes now

Prototypes were also present, to understand cars that are not approved for the road and can run only on the circuit. Like Stéphane Charrel’s Formula France, the only person to sit at the event. “I got it two years ago. I’ve always loved this car because it’s classic,” says the enthusiast.AX game Eric Pinay

The protest started around nine in the afternoon and continued throughout the day. To the delight of the spectators, it is placed on the edge of RD 251, who made a real trip in time.
The next historic climb of Saint-Vincent will take place in 2024. To make fans of good physical activities wait, the association Volants de l’Emblavez will organize a slalom next spring in the town of Rosières.

The historic Mount Saint-Vincent
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Renault 19 Eric Audras

Dominique Lemoine