Locke & Key: season 2 recap

Locke & Key: season 2 recap

Good news for all fans of the Netflix dream series: season 3 will land on the platform this Wednesday, August 10, at 9:01 am. Need a little reminder of what happened in the previous episodes before diving into the big binge-watching episode? Let’s go to the summary of season 2 of Lock & Key !

In 2020, Netflix made us (re)discover the fantastic world imagined by writer Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, and designer Gabriel Rodriguez. Adapted from the comic of the same name, Lock & Key it instantly became one of a series of must-have dreams with the genius. Although the graphic novels have been canceled in 8 volumes, and others in the projects, it is the final 3rd season that we are about to discover on stage in N rouge.

Problem: you don’t really remember what happened in the last season 2? It’s completely normal, don’t worry, not only because almost 10 months have passed since then, but also (and above all) because there have been twists and turns in the plot! That’s why we advise you to refresh your memory a little, for a good overview of what happened in the last episodes of Lock & Key.

Where to start? Maybe we should adjust the context a little at the beginning of season 2. Convinced that they have returned Dodge to Hell, behind the famous Black Door, when in fact it was about poor Ellie the victim of the Identity Key, the children of Locke did their business. , using keys just for fun. Tyler, realizing that as he approached 18 his girlfriend Jackie was beginning to forget magic, and therefore the times he spent with her, he began to find a way to avoid this curse. Bode in turn met Jamie, who turned out to be the daughter of the new history teacher, Josh Bennett, whom Nina Locke also sympathized with. New characters that didn’t move to Matheson by chance, but we’ll get back to this… As for Kinsey, we always found her next to Gabe, not suspecting that she was actually a demon Dodge…

Faced with the demon Dodge, the Lockes reconnect with their heritage as blacksmiths

It’s good, you’re starting to put things back in place? So let’s move forward a bit, and now come to the main plot keys (get it?). Starting with the Machiavellian scheme devised by Gabe aka Dodge, which was used as a dialogue in season 2 of Lock & Key. He had taken it upon himself to create an army of demons. Aided by Eden, who herself had been possessed by a demon since being hit by something from hell, the antagonist of the series set out to create a new key to achieve his goals. Except that he quickly finds out that he can’t, as only the Lockes have this ability… Indeed we find out that Duncan, the children’s uncle, the brother of their late father Rendell, had done this when he was a teenager. He had created the Memory Key, so that he and the other Keepers of the Keys could remember their magical powers, and their adventures, even as adults.

Duncan, forcibly employed as a blacksmith by the demon Gabe/Dodge. © AMANDA MATLOVICH/NETFLIX

Which, luckily, was likely to help Tyler and his girlfriend Jackie. Unless the news did not fall on deaf ears. When Locke’s children found said Memory Key and used it first on Duncan, who therefore now remembers everything, the demon Gabe/Dodge took the opportunity to carry out his project: he forced his uncle to make him a demonic key, and allowed him. to turn anyone into a demonic instrument. Then the Lockes saw several members of their entourage falling under his influence, and turned to them. Including, no luck, Jackie. The solution? Create another key, of course! This time it was Tyler who stuck with it. But after forging the Alpha key, he discovered that it not only killed the demonic entities, but also the bodies they contained, as Jackie perished in his arms. However, this did not stop the Locke family from using it, especially on their sworn enemy. It is indeed thanks to this Alpha key that they ended up defeating Gabe/Dodge’s demon. Except…?

Although we expect to find it in this new season 3, as the trailer promises, let’s add a few details about the parallel plots. Starting with the fact that Ellie was able to escape the Underworld, regain her normal form, and even reunite with her beloved Lucas, who was also released when the demon was erased (more or less) by the key. he survived and not Jackie, it’s because he’s just an echo, remember… But that’s not the most important thing to remember for others. If the circle is closed with these old letters, it is the new ones that interest us the most. We told you about him at the beginning of this summary: Josh Bennett and his daughter Jaime, who befriended (and more if it was solidarity) with Nina and Bode, but who did not come to Matheson by chance.

The return of the old enemy of the Locke family for the final season

The father, Josh, has actually followed in the footsteps of his ancestors, searching for the famous gateway to the underworld. Possessing a piece of whispering metal and a model of Locke’s mansion, whose magical powers Jamie and Bode discovered thanks to the Miniature key, we find out that he is a descendant of the enemy. ancestor of the Locke family: Frederick Gideon. , who served in the British Army during the Revolutionary War. This was presented to us through flashbacks, discovering the cave where the entrance to the Underworld is, and then succumbing to demonic influence. The past that revealed to us in passing how Benjamin Locke, after eliminating the possessed soldier, created the Black Door and his famous Omega key…

A long time ago, during the American Revolutionary War, Frederick Gideon discovered the entrance to the underworld...
Long ago, during the American Revolutionary War, Frederick Gideon discovered the entrance to the Underworld… © Netflix

If we remind you of all this, it means that it will be very important in the third season of Lock & Key. The self-proclaimed Gideon will definitely return in the following episodes. How is it possible, he who comes from a completely different era? Note well: Eden, somewhat gratuitously in later episodes, went to summon him with the Echo Key. That plan quickly backfired, however, as the ghost threw him down the well, grabbing the Anywhere button in the process. So he announces himself as the main antagonist of season 3, and so Dodge is still on the move, as evidenced by the trailer:

Finally, let’s briefly recall that Tyler had decided at the end of season 2 to go on a road trip, without using the Memory key to forget all his recent bad experiences. It can be understood. However, she seems well aware of what is happening in this trailer, as does Nina, who, as a reminder, has admitted that Bode is using this famous Memory key on her… Come on, now that you’ve updated, No more! Eight episodes of season 3 of Lock & Key they are waiting for you, starting at 9:01 am this Wednesday, August 10 on Netflix. And enjoy them well, because as mentioned above, then it was confirmed in this tweet from the platform showing the trailer: this is the last chapter of the series. So it’s time to say goodbye to the Lockes, hoping they’ve got the most amazing final adventure in store for us!

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