LM Creations converts vintage BMW R motorcycle models into electric ones

LM Creations converts vintage BMW R motorcycle models into electric ones


BMW R electric

Motorcycle series R
he gives BMW
have become icons of the Bavarian brand, however there are other companies like LM design
Holonadese startup company specialized in converting combustion engines to electric for conventional motorcycle models that has been successful in Europe.

There, emission levels are stricter than on other continents and are expected to continue to be stricter over the next 10 years. Fortunately, moving away from fat does not mean a change from a good streak. R from BMW.
At least, not like a Dutch startup LM design
have an opinion on the matter.

Consisting of a power unit, battery and electric charger, the conversion transforms BMW’s boxer-powered motorcycle into an electric motorcycle. The 72V engine produces up to 20kw (power 26.8
), maintaining the beauty of the airhead by fitting easily into the cast aluminum housing.

the battery 4.3 kWh
feeds this 72V power unit and pushes the converted bike into an urban range 80 kilometers.
This power pack also maintains the style of the R series, housed in a gel-coated glass housing that mimics an old fuel tank. BMW.
The Dutch startup even redefines the air header and R-type dummy cylinders.

Customers can choose between chargers 1.8 kW or upgrade version to 3.3 kW
for fast charging periods. Regardless of the payment unit, LM design
claims that the battery provides more than 2,000 charge cycles in total 160,000 km
of freedom.

A kit that includes a battery, charger and cable cover is compatible with replacements R45, R60, R65, R75, R80, R90 and R100 (1969-1995
), although some models may require minor modifications. The kit costs from 8,950 euros,
or a little more BRL 49,430
make the conversion easy.