List of 10 cars that get the most kilometers on a single tank

List of 10 cars that get the most kilometers on a single tank

When we talk about car autonomy, we almost always refer to electric cars. But what about hot cars? Here is a list of 10 models of heat that provide the best freedom, according to data provided by the website

One of the psychological lockss (certainly not the only) that still prevents drivers from taking the electric car step, yet degree of freedom in one final payment. It must be said that 100% electric models that claim “in real life” at least 500km, especially during a road trip, are still very rare today.

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This problem, and its corollary of lack of juice, fuel car, obviously, does not know. It is even quite the opposite and, in this regard, you will see in our table below, many models even claim twice, that is a range of more than 1,000 km. It will also be known thatA small French woman can enter this list of 10 cars that offer the most freedom in one tank of fuel, even joining the top 5.. Discover the list of 10 cars with the most mileage on a single tank of fuel.

10 cars that do the most kilometers in a single fill-up (source:

An example kilometers traveled in one tank
An exampledodging 1500 rams kilometers traveled in one tank1,221 km
An exampleToyota Hilux kilometers traveled in one tank1,191 kilometers
An exampleFord Kuga kilometers traveled in one tank1,150 kilometers
An exampleVW Lavid kilometers traveled in one tank1,146 km
An examplePeugeot 208 kilometers traveled in one tank1,073 kilometers
An exampleToyota Corolla kilometers traveled in one tank1,054 km
An exampleFord F-15O kilometers traveled in one tank1,046 km
An exampleToyota Camry kilometers traveled in one tank1,033 kilometers
An exampleHaval H6 kilometers traveled in one tank952 kilometers
An exampleVW Polo kilometers traveled in one tank928 kilometers
Posted on 09/09/2022 Updated 09/09/2022