Linda Helena: the everyday life of Tom Ford’s iconic model – Marie Claire Magazine

Linda Helena: the everyday life of Tom Ford’s iconic model – Marie Claire Magazine

Linda Helena wears a Sauer necklace; Isabel Marant jacket and shorts (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

It was more than 4 o’clock in the morning beautiful Helena we boarded a car that would take us to Fasano Boa Vista. Still dozing, the model, who was wearing a baggy sweatshirt with a gold chain from her Chanel bag, settled into the back row of the car. With his hair disheveled and his face still wrinkled, he used the opportunity of the trip to complete his sleep interrupted by a promise he made in the middle of his well-deserved vacation.

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In that area, he had a hearty breakfast. More than once he helped himself to boiled eggs, green juice and fruit. Then he went upstairs to make-up, in a temporary dressing room. Less than an hour later, she looked stunning in a Gucci runway dress that, despite being a little tight, needed to be cinched in on her slim figure. “Wow! How nice,” I commented, clearly impressed. “Mom signed up,” he replied. A long day of careers, beauty and lots and lots of laughter was about to begin.

Linda Helena is wearing a tank top, R$5,900, warm pants, R$5,800, a dress, on request, and shoes, R$8,300, Prada (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

Linda Helena wearing Prada (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

A strong sense of humor is the hallmark of this 26-year-old woman from the south of Mato Grosso from Campo Grande. The daughter of a single mother, Linda was born into a simple family who emigrated from Russia and is not very fond of romantic displays. The first job was at the age of 7. With the R$10 he earned distributing pamphlets in the neighborhood, he was able to afford his greatest luxury: chewing gum that to this day cannot be missing from his bag.

The beauty of millions was already there, but it was not seen. “If you take a picture of 2011, you will see that I have always been the same. But I did not have the maturity to understand my uniqueness,” he says. The harsh features, however, were not enough to disturb. “Everyone was bad in my city”, he jokes. Well, it was it’s an obscure style that caught the attention of a scout who met her in a neighborhood cafe, who worked for her as a nanny. The first stop was in São Paulo, the second in Paris. The school in the capital city of São Paulo was not like the one I studied before. “I didn’t understand anything about what the teachers were saying”, he says.

In France, speaking no other language than Portuguese from within the country, I took a cold shower because I didn’t know that I had to turn the shower faucet to heat the water. “But since I come from a poor family, I couldn’t give up.” It took him a while to get used to no longer walking barefoot and living as the market demands. “It took three years of struggle for me to understand that I would only have a future if I left the tomboy who grew up in the Pantanal.”

Linda Helena wears overalls and shoes, Hermès, price on request (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

Linda Helena wearing overalls and Hermès shoes (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

The profession took place only after six years. The turning point was when he met Miguel, an Argentine born into a family of artists, who moved to Buenos Aires, where his career began.

The next address will be New York, already with a full schedule of fashion shows, shoots and advertising campaigns. “It’s easy for me to list brands I haven’t worked on,” he says. Immediately, it reminds me of Prada. Linda says, at the age of 16, she was called to march for the brand, but, when it was time to enter the arena, they gave up. “I was very sad at the time,” he says. “But today I understand that no one loses something that is not his.”

ragatanga rhythm

If Linda still had doubts about her beauty, the meeting with Tom Ford ended it completely. One of the most important names in the fashion industry, the American model, director, film writer and producer who in the 1990s regained the respect of Gucci never ceases to praise the model with whom he has worked for six years. “He spends all day talking about how beautiful I am and that he never spends much time with the same model,” she says. Linda doesn’t catch on, but she doesn’t pretend to be used to it. “It’s nice to have someone who feeds off your ego. Someone who demands more like him.”

Linda Helena wears Flávia Madeira earrings, R$1,700;  Giorgio Armani dress, on request (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

Linda Helena wearing Flávia Madeira earrings and a Giorgio Armani dress (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

During the seven months of the year that he lends his body to inspire the master’s creativity, the process is difficult. “I paint my nails every day, spray my hair before going to bed and when I wake up, I go to bed at 8:30 at night so that I can sleep at eight”, she says. The diet, which is free, has a regular schedule and focuses on protein. The last meal takes place promptly at 18:30. “That’s the only way to keep up with the Ragatanga beat”, he jokes.

Proudly, Linda says she is the first to arrive and the last to leave the studio. “I have to be ready by 9am, so I arrive at 8:20am, shave my hair and put on concealer.” When he arrives, around 10 am, the fun begins. “She puts on a wig, she puts on lipstick. He makes me a doll,” he says. The eccentricity of the architect goes far there. “When he’s with me, he’s sweet. If he sees, for example, that my leg is bleeding, he asks me if I need a break”, he says. “I really like being there, it’s worth all the effort.”

Financially there is no difference. Although he is now well paid wherever he goes, it was working with Tom Ford that made him financially secure. “What I get there for a week guarantees me for three months.” The luxury that was once a box of gum is now in plane tickets. “You can lose all my bags, don’t put me in economy class again”, he says. In addition to being 1.77 meters tall, Linda has chondromalacia in her knee, lordosis and scoliosis. “And I still need to look good. If it can arrive folded, then beauty, it’s really rotten,” he laughs.

Linda Helena wears Gucci earrings and dress, price on request (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

Linda Helena wearing Gucci earrings and dress (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

The cost of the plane fare is, every three months, to come to Brazil, to take the exams of the Faculty of Administration that is studied from a distance, to learn how to manage his own life, and to see his lover – freestyle motocross. pilot Fred Kyrillos. , which is divided between São Paulo and Temecula, an hour and a half desert from Los Angeles, where Linda lives. In addition, he helps the family, lives comfortably in a rented house and saves what he can.

“I started from zero and I know that’s what got me to 100.” He is correcting himself. “Obviously I’m not at the top yet, but I want to win.” Let him just plan for the future and say this: “Become a millionaire”. “Billionaire, you are already a millionaire”, I replied. “We’re going to enjoy the beat and go to the tri.” I’m sure he’s getting there.

Linda Helena wears earrings, R$6,200, and dress, R$16,500, Fendi (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

Linda Helena wears earrings and Fendi dress (Photo: Caia Ramalho (GROUPART))

Beautician: Guilherme Casagrande (Fs.Ag) with Chanel Beauty products/ Beauty assistant: Danielle Quessada/ Executive producer: Vandeca Zimmermann/ Fashion production: Victor Hugo Yuuki/ Fashion assistant: Carol Ferreira/ Light designer: Naelson Castro/ Assistant photography: Calebe Fernandes , Thais Regina/Camareira Pepa/ Photo treatment: Philipe Mortosa (Thinking)/ Credits: Hotel Fasano Boa Vista, Grupo Fasano