Liebherr hydraulic pump with hybrid drive |  CAR JEWS AND SPORTS

Liebherr hydraulic pump with hybrid drive | CAR JEWS AND SPORTS

A team of researchers has explored ways to recover energy from miners. In this way, about ten percent of the oil can be saved.

The current price of diesel not only makes drivers thrive, the construction industry is also suffering from the sharp rise in fuel prices. After all, nothing works on construction sites without heavy machinery used by diesel engines. This makes it even more important to explore every possibility of using these tools more economically.

A team of scientists from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has found an interesting approach to this. They want to electrify hydraulics as widely as possible and also use renewable energy technologies to restore energy to the construction site. “We have now explored different hybrid measures for their ability to increase efficiency,” says Niklas Bargen from the Automotive Technology Technology Institute at KIT. Results: “The electric operation of the hydraulic drill mechanism, ie motor for rear rotation, brings, for example, an eleven percent increase in efficiency when loading soil or debris on a truck and saving fuel by about eight percent. “

Recuperation in hand excavator

Another and unusual feature is the use of energy when lowering the miner’s arm. If this kinetic energy were used to generate electricity through an electric drive unit, such as a hybrid vehicle “braked”, then it could be used again to run the miner electrically. What at first glance seems like a small harvest is very important in practice. Using the Liebherr extractor with the appropriate detectors, the researchers found that using genetic energy could save another percentage of fuel.

In general, according to researchers, the ability to save can be increased even further by using special software that determines the most efficient car depending on the situation. Even an estimated nine percent oil spill increases dramatically throughout the life cycle of such a miner. Since scientists estimate the total consumption of 100,000 liters of diesel, about 9,000 liters could be saved.

However, the team of researchers also sees the diversification of diesel-powered construction machinery as a technology to put bridges before the miners who use electricity take up the future on the construction site. By the way, there are already such electric miners in XXL – see video and photo gallery.

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Researchers from the Mobile Machine (Mobima) branch of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have installed a multi-sensor drill and closely monitor the 15-ton machine for 100 days operating on different construction sites. Results: With consistent hygiene through electronic drives with performance-enhancing options, approximately 9,000 liters of diesel can be saved throughout the life of such a machine.

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