LG automotive retail group opens new Mercedes-Benz sale

LG automotive retail group opens new Mercedes-Benz sale

On July 4, 2022, the LG group, led by Ludovic Garcia, opened the doors to its new Mercedes-Benz sale for the MAR2020 standards in Pamiers, Ariège. The group will distribute private and commercial vehicles there.

yes LG Group recently launched Mercedes-Benz business with new MAR2020 standards in Pamiers, in Ariège. The site is the first group to marry these new standards, highly focused on customer experience. This site rents private and semi-private spaces to facilitate exchange and use multiple digital tools. The culture is very much in the Ludovic Garcia group which was very impressive with its Perpignan high standard of living.

LG Automobiles continues to expand

Turn it on area 1 450 The sale of LG Pamiers Automobiles will provide sales and after-sales services for personal and consumer vehicles (LCVs) to individual and professional customers.

Note that the LG group, founded in 1989, was founded in France and Spain, where it recently took over the Mercedes-Benz plate. It currently employs 700 people in its 21 businesses in France and Spain, distributing it Mercedes-Benz, smart, Jeep, Fuso, Yamaha, Indian Motorcycle brands and since 2022, Ineos Grenadier. He is also a professional Porsche in Perpignan.

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Ludovic Garcia continues his success story established in 1989.