LG already has a solution for the Chevrolet Bolt EV fire problems

LG already has a solution for the Chevrolet Bolt EV fire problems

Those of LG have taken months to find the fault that caused the fire in the batteries in the Chevrolet Bolt EV. The provider, who has taken economic compensation for the American brand, has great difficulty finding all the units affected.

LG technicians have already found it The real key, rather than the big missesthat some battery devices in Chevrolet Bolt EV presented and that they are the cause of their fire. At the end of last summer, the manufacturer released an update asking owners to reduce battery charge to 90 percent capacity, which it was not a solution and the units were about to expand further damaged.

LG took responsibility for the problem caused by a millions of dollars in compensation for Chevrolet, but it was not until a few months ago that the issuer was able to discover the true cause. As they have shown, these are two limitations of battery manufacturing, one is breakdown of battery anode due to clogging and another part, and the second is that one of the cell divisions is bent.

Production of electric Chevrolet Bolts bolts has been suspended until a bad battery repair

Manufacturing error, cause of electric Chevrolet Bolt flame

The combination of the two faults causes a fire, although the manufacturer points out that for just one of them failures do not occur. The main point is that both occur in the same cell.
error detected by a solution to replace the anode and strengthen the separation between cellsnow there is a third problem added, which is to find all the affected units, something that the battery distributor cannot do alone and has decided NTHSA american.

The United States National Traffic Safety Administration has made its tools and databases available track vehicles that have these faulty batterieswhich it is not known if they have two manufacturing faults or one of them because, in fact, there are units that have not caught fire.

NHTSA sources indicate that there is 138,324 units affected. But one more thing to add must be taken into account, and that is that LG Energy Solution also has sold faulty batteries to other companies, so this figure could increase significantly. According to Reuters, once special units are discovered, owners will be officially notified to implement appropriate measures where appropriate. The battery distribution company has also developed a diagnostic software which Chevrolet will implement in its models to discover failure based on battery performance monitoringalso increase load parameters.

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