Lexus UX: full of improvements

Lexus UX: full of improvements

Launched in 2019, UX is being updated. The changes apply to the 250h hybrid version, whose engine does not move, and 184 hp. There are, on the other hand, improved stiffness, and additional welding points or reinforcement of the back door of the steel.

The F Sport Executive version now comes standard with Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) and suspended “performance” hands on the front and back. So the brand promises a more powerful character. The AVS control is optimized so that “there is no sudden change in vehicle behavior”. This new arrangement also “reduces the high and medium frequencies of the frequencies”.

The F Sport offer is complete with a new F Sport design, placed under Executive. It allows you to have a sports image at a lower price. There are, for example, 18-inch rims, an L-shaped mesh grille, a black roof destroyer …

On the board, important changes apply to the media version. Depending on the version, the screen is 8 or 12 inches, where before it was up to 10.3 inches. The screens are moved closer to the driver, as they become more tangible. Thus, the middle touch control pad is left. The park is taking its place.

The multimedia system is promised faster. Cloud navigation, as usual, provides access to real-time traffic information. The 12-inch screen system has internal navigation, available even when cloud connection is not possible. Another important new feature: the arrival of the “Hey Lexus” voice command.

On the board there is a new cream skin. On the outside, there is a new tint of Iridium Gray. The offer for driving assistance has been improved, for example, an emergency brake that operates at intersections or maritime transport controls that include slowing down function in curves.

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