Lexus UX: Affordable Small Hybrid Luxury SUV |  Evaluate

Lexus UX: Affordable Small Hybrid Luxury SUV | Evaluate

When the first hybrid cars appeared, the brands were interested in making them as amazing as possible. It wasn’t about wanting to have a hybrid car, it was about showing the world that it was environmentally friendly. Times have changed and the Lexus UX 250h proves it.

type of hatch

Of course like a Lexus, the UX has its quirks. It was designed to attract attention: it has a large front grille and strong lines throughout the body. There’s no denying the sheer amount of personality that an SUV has. I admit that it took me a while to get used to his style and appreciate his lines.

Tested on the R$ 214,490 top-of-the-line F-Sport version, the Lexus UX features sporty bumpers, large wheels and smoked chrome details. The size is close to that of an average hatch (4.49 m long, 1.84 m wide and 1.52 m high), despite Lexus calling it an SUV. The strategy is similar to that of Mercedes-Benz and the GLA.

The integrated backlight with a wide LED strip is eye-catching. There are even small aerodynamic fins on the top, which help direct the air and reduce the UX experience. The trunk is small, holding 234 liters. At least it has an electric opening, a high-quality carpet and a practical trapdoor.

present and past

The cabin of the Lexus UX reflects care and equipment. There’s quality leather and soft-touch coatings, as well as textured plastics in strategic places. The instrument panel is fully digital and has a lip that moves according to the task at hand – a charm in itself.

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On top of the panel is a multimedia center and an analog clock, showing the conservative side of Lexus. The screen has good definition and clear menus, but it doesn’t reach the sophistication that the UX exudes. It is not sensitive to touch, so you have to do it with the mouse in the middle console, which is not always necessary, that is.

The Lexus UX does not come with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. There is a Miracast phone mirroring system, but the SUV refuses to display images of the device on the multimedia center when it is in motion. The presence of the integrated digital TV does not compensate for slipping, because it is also turned off during flight.

There is also a lack of cruise control and a lane keeping system, which is present in the Altis versions of the new Toyota Corolla 2020. The UX in F-Sport version has dual-zone digital air conditioning, heated electric seats and head-up. show as compensation.

With comfort as the watchword, the Lexus UX comes with comfortable seats in perforated leather with red accents (F-Sport version). Generous side panels ensure more than enough support. Unlike the back where the space is hard and the doors are finished with hard plastic.

The hybrid is not empty

Like the 2020 Toyota Corolla, the Lexus UX is a hybrid. The kit consists of an original 2.0 liter cylinder with two electric motors. Total power is 178 hp, but combined torque is not disclosed as the engines reach their peak power at different times. The petrol has a maximum torque of 20.8 kgfm.

Mated to a CVT transmission, the Lexus UX excels in fuel economy at the expense of performance. He is strong enough and walks well, but without emotion. The cabin is well insulated and the CVT holds the engine speed at peak torque when the accelerator pedal is pressed to the limit.

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Making its intentions clear, the Lexus UX proves to be comfortable and smooth, preferring the use of electric motors in most cases. Just take your foot off the accelerator and it just moves on power, using the air to charge the battery. It doesn’t feel like a turbocharged mid-size hatch or that belies the short F-Sport it carries.

This is because of the direction of Lexus UX: ecological signature, it wants to win through low fuel consumption and comfort. In testing it easily scored 13 km/l in the city. Driving is completely anesthetized and the soft suspension reinforces this position. In corners, you tend to go too far and have a rear end that sways at high speeds.

At 1,540 kg, the Lexus UX is heavy and makes itself felt. It has enough riders to handle all its mass, and the distribution of the battery in the lower part of the body tries to reduce this feeling. The ride is firm and firm, making it clear that you paid a lot of money for a luxury car.

Silently, you only know the Lexus UX is on as the Ready light appears on the instrument panel. There are paddle shifters behind the steering wheel and the (unfulfilled) promise of a six-speed manual, but strangely whenever it’s put into manual mode the UX is in 4th gear.


The Lexus UX is the most affordable compact hybrid SUV in Brazil. In addition, it is the only model in this luxury category to offer an eco-friendly powertrain. With a design unlike anything else in the same price range, the UX 250h F-Sport is for those who have a strong personality, want luxury and like to stand out from the crowd.

It does not offer the performance of an average hatch, despite having the size of one. It doesn’t have the same durability as a small SUV, although Lexus treats it as such. Nor is it as technologically advanced as its hybrid system would have you believe. The aggravating factor is that the Corolla and RAV4 are also hybrids, cost less and come with more useful equipment than the Lexus UX 250h F-Sport.

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