Lexus RX > Lexus RX 450 h+, the grand diva of the Paris Opera

Lexus RX > Lexus RX 450 h+, the grand diva of the Paris Opera

The spearhead of the Lexus brand is undoubtedly his X-ray.
This pioneer of premium hybrid SUVs arrives on our roads with its fifth generation. In addition to the great technical progress, which makes it even better with the use of a hybrid recharging system, the brand shows us its story unfolding in the most elegant Parisian square at the Paris Opera. Madam, sir, here it is the new diva Lexus RX 450h+ Paris Opera.

Tips for success…

Lexus gives us the fifth generation of his X-ray. A logo design from the Lexus catalog that entered the scene in 1998 and has seen no less than 3.5 million commercial appearances worldwide.

This new generation pushes technology to its peak with a new technical benchmark from Japanese engineers. This new grape of Lexus RX sold with 3 electrified engines, including an unprecedented plug-in hybrid variant.

Finally, he carries the name on his poster RX 450h+.
Under its beautiful evening dress, the SUV hides a 4-cylinder gasoline hybrid block 2.5 and combines it with an additional electric motor on the rear axle. The set develops a total of 306 breeds. This rechargeable hybrid version has a lithium-ion battery capable of storing 18.1 kWh of electrons. Therefore, our singer can relax the sound of his engine more than 65 kilometers. The technological work that does this RX 450h+ It can be satisfied with just over a liter of petrol to cover the first 100 km, thus converting to 26 g/km of CO2 in the WLTP.
Good news that removes him from the transition to ecological malus.

On board, this X-ray it marks its distinction with its high-quality materials and its elegant furniture design. We will point to the presence of a large 14-inch touch screen that controls the multimedia system.

Lexus and the Paris Opera…

Lexus, since its first cycles, has worked on the sound production of its multimedia system. This new x-rays there is no exception and it goes further than the limited launch series that joinsThe Paris Opera.

50 copies of the article Lexus RX450h+The Paris Opera » have the specificity of relying on the highest finish in the range: Executive. All the luxuries of such a machine are there, such as a 360 ° camera, a head-up display, an electric trunk that opens / closes on the leg, 21-inch alloy wheels, semi-aniline leather upholstery and heating. and ventilated seats. Important tips for this RX 450h+The Paris Opera it is clear that the sound system is worthy of a concert hall, designed by Mark Levinson. This is Premium Surround with 21 speakers. In addition, the exclusivity is beautifully presented by a numbered plate with the logo of the Paris Opera.

If you have to pay a minimum of €98,500 to get behind the wheel, Lexus will also provide you with audio equipment. Premium Mark Levinson 5909 and two tickets to attend a show at the theaterThe Paris Opera…of which Lexus is the Official Car.

Also note that the very first edition of this edition will go on sale in early 2023 at an auction organized by AROP (Association pour le Rayonnement de l’The Paris Opera)

Reservations for Lexus RX450h+The Paris Opera » are clear!
To do this, just switch to the page assigned to it by clicking on the link: Book the Lexus RX Paris Opera.