LEXUS ROV, HYDROGEN POWERED – A personal enthusiast

LEXUS ROV, HYDROGEN POWERED – A personal enthusiast

The acronym ROV stands for Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle. Lexus, everyone knows, is a luxury car brand of Toyota. What does a small car have to do with luxury sedans and SUVs? Only the future will answer. According to the Japanese manufacturer, it was created to show that “the most stimulating type of driving can coexist with a carbon-free society”.

The freewheel and long-travel suspension make it easier to navigate difficult terrain

For Spiros Fotinos, Director of Lexus Europe, “ROV is our answer to the growing passion for the outdoors and the adventurous spirit of luxury consumers. As a concept car, it is fun to drive, and has near-zero emissions thanks to its hydrogen-powered engine.

A little toy to find the wrong places

The combustion engine is only 1 liter, according to the engines of the Toyota Yaris line. According to Lexus, this engine produces almost zero emissions, a number that is not zero because of the small amount of engine oil that is burned while driving. Lexus has not disclosed the specifications or usage data that the ROV will be able to access.

The lightweight body and tubular shape result in low weight

The off-road route has revealed suspension, roll cage and all-terrain tires, which however is presented in the form of a very compact model, measuring 3.12 m long, 1.72 m wide and 1 80 m high. The ROV’s hydrogen tank is placed in the back, protected by a cover.

Panel with essentials for adventures

The extra-long travel suspension allows you to reach rough terrain, which further enhances the ROV’s range of use, which Lexus claims is incredibly fast.

Four-point seat belts help if there’s too much excitement…

More important than the style and usability of this Lexus is the perfect testing ground for the company’s hydrogen technology.