Lexus NX 450h + (2022): Hybrid plug-in SUV is being tested

Lexus NX 450h + (2022): Hybrid plug-in SUV is being tested

It should happen that he is whistled. Fear not, there is no gender discrimination, we are talking about the new Lexus NX. Very sharp and large grill – that’s amazing. And stimulating. Especially the high-quality German SU5s Q5, X3, and GLC with good character, which NX is targeting.

While there is no change in external dimensions (each height and width plus two centimeters), 95 percent of the parts are new, says Lexus. Positions are the same front and back without being too generous, others in this class offer significantly more. The trunk is also below average by 545 to 1436 liters, as allowed a trailer load of 1.5 tons smaller.

There is a beautiful environment inside

The power of Lexus is evident in another area: NX is beautifully decorated and carefully processed and lovingly detailed. Good environment onboard. The tools look good, are easy to read, provide a lot of information, and the menu on the big 14-inch touch screen is well-designed, though very versatile.

Nice and nice: Lexus NX is lovingly processed, the instrument is very good and provides a lot of information.

Many nerve endings and splits on the steering wheel take time to get used to. Another special feature is the doors, which open electromechanically with the touch of a button – a bit odd at first, but then it’s much easier.

The NX is available at 350h as a standard hybrid with 244 hp and as 450h + as a plug-in hybrid tried here. The system has a 2.5-liter four-cylinder and 185-liter petrol engine hp and two electric motors, front and 182, rear and 54 hp, an 18.1 kWh lithium-ion battery, and of course Toyota’s planetary gear. The operation of the four-wheel-drive is detected by an electric motor on the rear axle.

Lexus NX 450h +
Neat: With a full battery, the NX 450h + covered 56 miles on the test. Consumption is as low as 5.1 l / 100 km.

For total electricity, 56 km is possible

System performance is 309 hp, and can be charged for 6.6 kW. By electronic means, the NX managed 56 miles on the test, running smoothly and smoothly. If a gasoline engine is added, the hybrid system, which is regularly cleaned by Toyota, now reacts very quickly to gas, can be reduced to a minimum, and the transition is smooth.

As always, you should get used to it and let the hybrid run, avoiding too many activities. A full-throttle, for example, is accepted by a gasoline engine with a bitter cry. If you believe in hybrids, you will be rewarded: The 5.1-liter experimental use is very impressive.

Price: It becomes expensive to pay

Because we’re still talking about 309 hp: NX is fast when needed, traction is very good, 6.3 seconds per sprint from 0 to 100 speaks for itself. The brakes, on the other hand, were not very large: the NX only stopped after more than 37 meters in the test. Like the BMW X3 30e (292 hp), the NX 450h + only starts at 60,300 euros.

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