Lexus LC500 convertible, undeniable charm

Lexus LC500 convertible, undeniable charm

It is probably one of the most beautiful cars, if not the most beautiful, on the road today. The Lexus LC500 convertible has the charm of a concept car, and the practicality of a grand tourer with a retractable roof. In fact, when you look at it, it’s hard to find any fault in this streamlined line.

Special collaboration, Marc Bouchard, automotive journalist

The headlights beautifully frame the grille that on other models looks excessive. But here, it’s the right proportion of this inlaid grille and chrome, just enough to bring out the whole personality of the car.

The rear also has lighting units, and the long side silhouette gives the impression of looking at a moving arrow. Sitting on 21-inch wheels, the Lexus LC500 convertible displays a style unlike any other.

We would like to have the same feeling in the cabin, but unfortunately, this is not the case. You may feel aging for example, which has already started a few years. The seats are padded, but require some searching effort to find the driving position.

The dashboard is relatively simple, and we like the small dial that’s moved to the side to make room for a long list of details. On the other hand, the question of use, is not the easiest thing.

For example, you have to use these controls to move the header display to the right corner, which took a few minutes to get the hang of. Add to that the disastrous Lexus touchpad system (which fortunately is no longer available on new models in the range) which makes navigation complex, and you will understand that all is not perfect.

Even the selection of driving modes is not very pleasant, with the wheel placed in front of the eyes, but behind the steering wheel, above the dashboard. A simple middle button would do just as well. Why should it be easy….

Under the hood

On the other hand, simplicity is technically found under the hood. Here, no fluff. A nice and efficient 5.0-liter V8 cranks out 471 horsepower, paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission that sometimes slows down. But it’s good because you have to find fault.

The sound of this engine is exceptional. For anyone who loves the purr of an engine, they are in heaven. It is true that this requires choosing a game mode and insisting a little on acceleration, but the sound is worth the effort. Although, let’s be honest, it hurts fuel economy a bit, my average recorded is 14.2 liters per 100 km.

Don’t dream though, the LC500 is no sports car. It is a great road car with a sporty look. The comfort and pleasure of driving is more included by humming the small tracks in your car’s wheel, hair in the wind, rather than trying to overcome the sound barrier. And so it is.


The question of comfort, the LC500 is not left out. It is true that in theory it can carry 4 people, but that is a myth. You don’t hate anyone enough to force them into the backseat.

On the other hand, the front occupants are more interested, they can even count on the connected concierge to manage the temperature of the cabin. He can even blow a jet of hot air on your neck, just to keep you at the right temperature.

As for the sound system, I admit I haven’t used it much, other than listening to a few podcast episodes (wink….). I preferred to feel the wind on my face, and shiver with the sound of the engine.

She is beautiful, lives simply and has an irresistible charm. It also has an invoice of $125,000, but anyone who likes this type of car and has the means will appreciate it, because it combines style and driving with great compatibility!

In the podcast

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