Lexus is down 6% in 2020 and is announcing a new model of its cars

Lexus is down 6% in 2020 and is announcing a new model of its cars

Toyota’s luxury brand, Lexus will present its new brand vision in 2021, including a new logo. More than 718,000 cars were sold last year

Lexus NX 2021: the brand dropped by 6% in 2020

Lexus, Toyota’s luxury brand, reported a 6% drop in global sales from January to December 2020, with a total of 718,715 units. In addition to recovering losses due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Lexus’ 2021 plan is also a change in design. A new language and brand concept for the future will be launched in the second quarter.

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January-June sales reached approximately 304,000 (16% year-on-year decrease) due to the Covid-19 crisis, while July-December sales reached approximately 415,000 (2% year-on-year increase), maintaining the same level as in the first half the second of the previous year. Among the best-selling models are the ES and RX, as well as the new IS and LS, which were well received. Depending on the region, annual sales in China are higher, increasing global sales.

January-December 2020 Sales Results for Popular Regions

North America: 297,000 units (9% discount)
China (including Hong Kong): 225,000 units (11% increase)
Europe: 71,000 units (down 19%)
Japan: 49,000 units (21% discount)
Middle East: 27,000 units (18% discount)
Asia: 32,000 units (down 8%)

New design

In 2021, Lexus will unveil a new vision of the brand, including a new concept, which shows the intention of the future and the beginning of the next generation of cars. It will also launch the first model under this new vision this year. The teaser revealed in the image below shows a bit of what’s to come. Note that Lexus must also change its logo.

“Moving forward, by focusing on our customers around the world and striving to produce vehicles that exceed their expectations, we will continue to face the challenge of bringing joy to everyone who comes into contact with Lexus,” said global brand president, Koji. Sato.

Note that the Lexus branding will also change!


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