Letícia Mesquita, from Mitsubishi: Outdoor experience worth a disaster – 11/25/2021

Letícia Mesquita, from Mitsubishi: Outdoor experience worth a disaster – 11/25/2021

Mitsubishi Motors has always focused its marketing strategies on outdoor events. How did the brand deal with the development of this epidemic, which prevented the brand from carrying out a series of marketing actions? And what will the slow return to face-to-face events be like?

To talk more about the topic, this week’s Media and Marketing program welcomes Letícia Mesquita, marketing director at Mitsubishi Motors. -watch the full interview in the video above.

“We have always been an “outdoor” brand, which sells more than a car, it sells a lifestyle. This pandemic has made us appreciate the outdoor experience a little more, the fact of traveling by car safely and being in the middle of nature”, he says. (from 11:42).

“Digital developments came to enable tools that mark people’s memories. We can target (advertisement) according to the type of audience. For example, we sponsor L’Étape Brasil, a cycling event, but we manage to expand this communication. Our meetings, which are made for not only our customers, it also reaches out to other consumers digitally”, he says (from 26:21).

Car registration programs have also gained ground among car manufacturers. Mitsubishi, for example, offers models like the Outlander and Pajero with contracts ranging from 12 to 36 months. According to Letícia, 5% of the brand’s users already prefer this partnership model with the brand.

“The goal is not for people to try the car: it is to reach a public profile that prefers to rent and not own a car. People who do not want to maintain. IPVA, reviews, insurance and don’t even think about reselling. That’s what we’re talking about: developing services around these people, listening to what these users want”, says the executive (from 8:02).

“Today we are in the “age of support”: we need to listen to what the consumer wants. Our biggest challenge is to know the right time to talk to the consumer: what to say, how to say it. and how to get their attention in the midst of so much,” says Leticia (from 1:37).

And how to sell a car with WhatsApp? Has the advancement of digitalization helped you sell more?

“The user starts a conversation through WhatsApp. He is very empowered, he already knows everything, he has seen all the tutorials. The advantage in this digital world is that our product “walks””, he declares. (from 3:18).

Leticia, who has been with Mitsubishi for 16 years, still talks about the fact that the car market is primarily male – from commercials to TV commercials.

“We are changing that, little by little. Brazilians are very fond of cars and this was focused in terms of design, that boys play with cars. But, for example, I am a marketing director in a male environment and I do not. many women who take care of the markets which, until that, they were men. We are working with a new generation of consumers and brands are breaking these stereotypes,” he says. (from 16:39).