Les Numériques opens a comparison of fixed vans

Les Numériques opens a comparison of fixed vans


After cars and two wheels, the car part of Digital strengthened in comparison with fixed vanes. Now we test their bedding, kitchen, interfaces and road behavior to help you make the right choice.

Volkswagen California 6.1 Beach.

For more than a year, Digital publishes car tests. We have also launched a motorcycle to motorcycle comparison. From now on, we will also advise you on your purchase and rental of fixed vehicles. These recreational vehicles, more compact and discreet than traditional motorhomes, are more popular than ever.

To evaluate them, we make them pass the same tests as cars. So we measure the sound level on the van board or their main screen display. We record their use in the city, on the road and on the road, regardless of the type of engine.

Obviously we also take care of their layout, by evaluating their beds, kitchens, external blinds, storage, bathrooms, etc.

Volkswagen California Coast

Volkswagen California 6.1 Coastal kitchen area.

In total, our rating consists of more than 100 criteria and measurements, made up of four sub-scores ranging from 1 to 5 stars: “Life on board”, “Information and connectivity”, “Operation and performance” and “Range and recharging”. After applying the coefficient, we get an overall score, also between 1 and 5 stars. Dynamic, it can change at any time according to new references that make up our comparison.

The first three cars were tested

To launch this new comparison, we chose to test the stars of the segment: Volkswagen California, Mercedes Marco Polo and Ford Transit Custom Nugget. All three are sold by traditional manufacturers, but we will also cover camper vans sold by professionals.

If the Volkswagen California is undoubtedly the most cult of vans on the market, the Mercedes Marco Polo is the most luxurious. As for the Ford Nugget, it’s one of the rare cars to offer real toilets in its long Plus version, tested on Digital.

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