LEGO 40491 Tiger Audit Year

LEGO 40491 Tiger Audit Year

Slightly delayed but still in the correct zodiac sign: LEGO 40491 Year of the Tiger is set for review.

In January, for the Chinese New Year, the corresponding zodiac sign was rediscovered as a free gift and instruction. Can the latest set in the animal series be convincing?

important data

packaging and content

The set – like others in this series – is intended for the release of the Chinese New Year. That is why there is a field in front of the box where the names of the recipient and the donor can be written.

Front section with name

In addition to the tiger description, the back shows with a small picture how the rendering should work.

Giving instructions

Ideally, the contents include not only orders and bags containing parts, but also envelopes for cash gifts. Anyone who has had one of these sets in recent years already knows.

Cover, instructions and sections

on the back of the envelope


Tiger has 193 sections and is built accordingly quickly. At first I was amazed at the amount of stones and wondered if they were all right in the tiger. Eventually, only a small portion of the standard was left. Compared to the great tiger, I can think of completely different adjectives to describe the tiger: beautiful, beautiful, sweet, beautiful. Danger or dignity is not appropriate here. But the set has a completely different nature and hopefully the tiger will forgive me for calling him good.

Big beautiful eyes

The ears and tail are moved within certain limits. That’s pretty cool and it matches again with the other animals in the column. I love how breast feathers, feathers on the sides of the head and stripes are applied.

A tail that can be moved in moderation with fine lines

Thank you to the LEGO Group for giving us this set for our review. However, the article only reflects my personal opinion.


I often like these zodiac sets. Animals are cute, quick to build with nice little gifts (be it for the Chinese New Year or any other occasion). Leopard is another great set that was purchased for free in January and will no doubt be seen again one day – either again as GWP or for free sale at selected LEGO stores. I can’t find anything on the set itself that I would be so critical of.

Your opinion!)
How do you like zodiac sets? Is one still not in the collection? Feel free to express yourself in the comments!

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