Leclerc ‘doesn’t understand’ Ferrari’s approach with hard tires in Hungary: ‘I lost the race there’

Leclerc ‘doesn’t understand’ Ferrari’s approach with hard tires in Hungary: ‘I lost the race there’

Charles Leclerc led but finished sixth

Photo: Ferrari / Grand Prix

This time Charles Leclerc was not to blame, but he was again defeated by Ferrari’s mistake which caused him to miss another seemingly easy race. In the Hungarian GP (31) this Sunday, the Monegasque admitted that he does not understand why the Italian team decided to dress him with harder compounds when the main rivals were medium or soft. The strategy was so messed up that Leclerc didn’t even make it to the podium.

While still on the radio, the driver asked if the other drivers on the grid who had also chosen the white belt tires had similar performance. “Yes, they were all bad”, heard the Monegasque, who did not hesitate: “And why did we choose this strategy?” The only thing he heard in the background was a vague “let’s talk” without further explanation.

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Charles Leclerc had to stop to change the use of soft links at the end of the race in Hungary (Image: Production / F1)

After the race, Leclerc did not hide his anger at once again missing the chance to take points from Max Verstappen – in fact, the gap widened as the Red Bull driver won the race. “I still don’t know [ao ser questionado sobre a estratégia]. We need to talk to understand what the idea was with complex compounds. I think we had strength and organs, and everything was under control. I didn’t understand why we changed to hard tires.”

“I said on the radio that I was fine with the mids and I wanted to stay on the track as long as possible because the feeling was good. I don’t understand why we made a different decision. I was happy with my speed, but everyone will only remember the stint. and the hard tires. I lost today’s race there. 20s at the stop and another 6 for the hard ones, because I was completely lost. That’s when we failed”, he shot.

After France’s mistakes, Leclerc did not hold back from self-criticism and was still widely killed by the Italian press. Still, he headed to Hungary – one of Ferrari’s friendliest circuits on the calendar – determined to win, and everything was looking up before the pit stop that defined the end of the race.

When asked about the attitude he would have with the Maranello team, Leclerc only said he would talk about it. “We will talk about this internally to improve,” he concluded.

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