During his Sunday sermon, the Metropolitan of Beirut, Bishop Elias Audi, spoke about the dire situation that Lebanon is going through on all levels. He blamed the leaders of the country, who get rights through the positions they have, and then harass the citizens of the country who cannot get the same rights. He denounced the permanent humiliation suffered by the Lebanese by the same political elites, who are exploiting the pain of the people.

Bishop Audi added that, “Lebanese look back with longing and pain in the past centuries, which have known great people and great achievements, but they are tired of the current situation, dominated by permanent tensions, political and economic instability, and empty promises”. “Regarding the future, continued the Metropolitan of Beirut, they are afraid of it, because there is no light of hope approaching so far. The Lebanese are tired of arguments, tensions, constant escalation. They are tired of instability. , political, economic and judicial upheavals. The citizen desires to live a peaceful life under the shadow of a stable country, a stable system, leaders who work for the public interest with integrity and sincerity”.

The Metropolitan also emphasized the need to apply the law, ensure the independence of justice, and respect constitutional deadlines and deadlines.

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