Le Mans Classic: Enthusiasm and emotion with the Peugeot SP66 CD

Le Mans Classic: Enthusiasm and emotion with the Peugeot SP66 CD

Last weekend, at Le Mans’ 24 Hours Round of 13,629 miles, the celebration was a total of 10th edition of Le Mans Classic. As our regular readers already know, L’Aventure Peugeot has entered the CD Peugeot SP66 in Sarthe, in partnership with our media outlets LesVoitures.com and M6 Turbo. Let’s go back to this amazing human event that made it possible to see, in a song, the one created by Charles Deutsch and aerodynamic engineer Lucien Romani.

From June 30 to July 2, 2022, the Le Mans Classic 2022 event hosted an amazing spectacle for more than 200,850 spectators present around Le Mans’ popular 24 Hour song. Inside the grid N ° 4, the CD Peugeot SP66 N ° 52 (N ° 44 in the race) caused more emotion to the song. Driven by Thomas de Chessé and Etienne Bruet, it took the challenge of returning to Le Mans, where it wrote, in its own way, a motorsport page during the popular 24 Hour edition of Le Mans in 1966.

With a capacity of 600 kg empty, note that the Peugeot SP66 CD is powered by 4 1,135 cc cylinders.3 has been upgraded to a capacity of 105 horses, knowing that this restriction comes from the Peugeot 204. Note that this building was restored by Le Moteur Moderne. We also owe the best condition in which the car was presented to Classic and Racing experts.

During the Le Mans Classic qualifiers on Friday, Thomas de Chessé and Etienne Bruet discovered how lucky and happy they were to drive such a car on the Le Mans circuit.

cd peugeot sp66

Under the blazing sun, the vertical rear fins that, among other things, make the CD Peugeot SP66 a fantastic race car, passed through the air on Mulsanne Straight as early as 1966. That year, three CDs Peugeot SP66 participated in the largest car. . running in the world. Today, N ° 53 can be seen at the Le Mans 24 Hour museum, while there is nothing left of N ° 51. So it is not without feeling that we will write the following verses …

Le Mans Classic 2022 M6 Turbo CD Peugeot SP66

As night fell, during the night trial period, Thomas and Etienne took on a major challenge, such as in 1966, that is, driving alongside Ford GT40s and other more powerful vehicles than the CD Peugeot SP66. At that moment tension appeared on the faces of two pilots who lived in a strange time that they almost never forgot. Thomas gives us his feelings:

“Qualification went well. Frankly, we didn’t even look at the results, it was a tutorial especially to understand the model answers on Le Mans’ 24 Hour song. It was a unique feeling to be one with the machine, to feel its vibrations, its aroma and the grip of Michelin tires. The night trip was absolutely amazing. We, Etienne and I, felt this sense of being the driver of the 24 Hours of Le Mans 1966, benefiting from the rotating, vibrant atmosphere lights. The lights of competitors’ cars blinded us. The sense of speed increased tenfold and, above all, this allowed the CD Peugeot SP66 to take advantage of cold air, which gave it better performance for its engine. It was necessary to store the engine and not to exceed the speed of 6,000 rpm. There is only one engine in the world for CDs. Despite this, we managed to reach 210 km / h. Jean-Claude Ogier, in 1966, had arrived in Hunaudières, 60 miles[260 km]an hour with a gearbox that provided, at the time, further extension to the CD. L’Aventure Peugeot, accompanied by Classic and Racing and Le Moteur Moderne, did an amazing job. They allowed me to realize the dream and share it. »


In 1966 in Le Mans, driver Jean-Claude Ogier got off his CD Peugeot SP66 when he was overtaken by a Ford GT40, on Mulsane highway. A few days ago, Jean-Claude Ogier honored us by coming to Le Mans. So he was able to sit down again on the Peugeot SP66 CD. The following picture is self-explanatory.

Le Mans Classic 2022 M6 Turbo CD Peugeot SP66

From one feeling to another, on Saturday, Thomas de Chessé began the race by running towards the CD Peugeot SP66 as in Le Mans’ 24 Hours Day. The picture was beautiful at the time as a time travel similar to car enthusiasm.

Thomas reflects on this wonderful time:

Competing drivers came to see me on the original grid to admire the CD Peugeot SP66 and asked me questions about its history. Often, the photographers’ lights focused on the model. This car attracted a lot of people. I was reluctant to imitate Jacky Ickx, as I walked! rivals who were just starting to run, I was caught in the game and I myself ran as fast as I could to throw myself on the Peugeot SP66 CD, the first leg then, the second before I got behind the wheel. and set up the engine. The unexpected cars of the Ford GT40s, Ferrari 250 LMs and Shelby Cobras were fast paced! Unforgettable memories from the crowd at the stadiums, the atmosphere was amazing. »

Thomas then left the wheel for Etienne Bruet. We do not want to spoil you before his report which will be announced July 10, Turbo on the M6, we let Etienne tell you, Sunday, what he got on the CD Peugeot SP66.

The goal set by L’Aventure Peugeot has thus been achieved. The Peugeot SP66 CD has followed in the footsteps of the past. After a temperature warning at the end of the race, it was decided, to store a rare CD Peugeot SP66, to remove it from the race.

Xavier Crespin

Xavier Crespin, Director of L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS evaluates the return of the CD Peugeot SP88 N ° 52 to Le Mans.

– Is it normal for the L’Aventure Peugeot party to take part in such an event?

“It is unique that we donate a car outside the park or from the L’Aventure Peugeot Museum to participate in the event on behalf of the party. Note that the CD Peugeot SP66 was already registered in 2018 at Le Mans Classic but, with one of our active members only after it was fully restored. Alas, then it was running very little. »

– What made you decide to sign him this year?

“I must say that it was a guarantee of an economic equity operation for the party that decided us. The contribution of partners such as Delfingen and its Protecable brand, Nexus with Ebay and Bakelit, Peugeot, Michelin and La Maison Eugène and communications provided by LesVoitures.com and The M6 ​​Turbo was a highlight. Thanks a lot. »

– What will you remember from this edition of Le Mans Classic 2022?

“Above all, great satisfaction and pride in seeing the car drive in this story cycle, not to mention the public enthusiasm. Thanks to Christian Guillaume and his technical teams from L’Aventure Peugeot for fulfilling this mission. Even though we had to shorten the race. to save the car, we had a unique human event.And I also hope that we have formed around the party a group of enthusiastic and ready partners for future projects.We had a great time for three days in a row.The Le Mans Classic event is Congratulations and thanks to his organization and Peter Auto. We are very happy to participate and thus put our partnership forward.

Finally, as mentioned above, let’s meet on Sunday July 10 at Turbo on the M6 ​​to return to Epic CD Peugeot SP66 during Le Mans Classic 2022. .

Text: Frédéric Lagadec

Photo: LesVoitures.com

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