Le Mans Classic 2022: The return of the giant

Le Mans Classic 2022: The return of the giant

4 years is a long, long time. So it was not without a certain dose of excitement that we were finally able to tread Sarthe’s main and famous circles again for Le Mans Classic. In 2022, a world-class event was able to show all its heroism after a bitter cancellation of 2021. Its modification and the usual structure of the History Competition by Peter Auto was not bad, I will let you read the article again. However, nothing can be compared to Le Mans Classic: an overview of the event in the photo before we give you specific feedback. Stay tuned!

I will not give you another litany on Covid, but it will cost us to cancel and postpone the 10th edition of the old mancelle. So we had forgotten the amazing origins of Le Mans Classic. In addition to the use of a large circuit of more than 13 kilometers, Peter Auto and ACO welcome during these 4 days of celebrations thousands of club cars, several exhibitors and much animation. The returning spectators had no way of getting bored.

In terms of participants, we had 6 standard grids organized by era as well as 4 support races: Jaguar, Porsche, Endurance Tournament Heroes and Group C. Don’t believe these gentleman and female drivers just come to spend a good weekend with friends: the best weekend lap was 3 minutes 42 seconds. Toyota’s flag 2 weeks ago was 3 minutes and 24 seconds. The difference of approximately 9% with the factory team that holds the victory in Sarthe on the Porsche 962C whose original design started in the 80’s: not that bad, is it?

Remember, if the Le Mans Classic race lasts about 45 minutes, there are 3 of them per unit (on the official grid) and they follow all night, so don’t forget what race we pay for. The pilots go through a small idea of ​​Le Mans’ 24-hour intense test to reach the final victory. Whatever the value of their mount, mechanics are put to the test, apart from tracking is not uncommon and fatigue always ends up feeling. For all those who are hungry for results, you can look at them in more detail at event site.

As for clubs and exhibitors, traditions were revered: Porschi were innumerable, Lamborghini shining and elegant Aston Martins. We were also able to enjoy the excellent collection of Ford GTs (2006 and 2016) and count many copies of the GT40. Porsche took the opportunity to present the history of its 911 RS and bring a completely new 911 Sport Classic. As for Ferrari, he will have played cats and mice with strangers. The Italians hid 3 models of the Daytona SP3 to show them only during parades or outings on the paddock. In stark contrast to the born-again De Tomaso who proudly displayed three P72s, no doubt one of the stars of this version as the car is very attractive.

Finally, how can we not mention the Mazda, which won over 200,000 spectators who came this weekend? Not only did the 787B appear on the Group C pad, but it would have run before each session on the circuit. Something to delight everyone with the dantesque music of his rotating engine. An unforgettable sound experience.

We will be returning to Le Mans Classic in 2023. Indeed, the 24th anniversary will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of its inception and the event is so wonderful to prepare for a version that already promises to be one of the most amazing. Immediately after the great return of the builders to Sarthe, it will be a unique month in June.

Photographic offerings: Regis Krol, Thomas D, Ugo Missana, Pierre Clémence