Launch of the new OPEL Auto-lion agent at Sfax

Launch of the new OPEL Auto-lion agent at Sfax

Continuing to seek customer satisfaction, STAFI Central Group has launched a new OPEL Auto-lion agent in Sfax. Launched since 2018, Auto-lion is raising the curtain to its new multi-brand face, which features a new design architecture for PEUGEOT and OPEL brands.

The aim is to offer in-house private and commercial German brand cars, to customers in the south of the country to better serve them.

The launch took place in the presence of Mr Abderrahim ZOUARI, Vice President of Stafim Group, Mr Hichem LOUKIL, owner of the new agency, journalists in the country as well as clients and partners of the Auto-Lion agency.

The agency’s choice to also represent Opel in Sfax is a result of the agency’s positive results as well as the weight of the existing teams, since 2018, both in the sale of new cars but also in the after-sales service.

Agency also received ‘Award’‘The best agent in PEUGEOT car sales in 2021’ ‘issued by Stafim.

The agency covers a total area of ​​1700 m² which allows it to have 2 exhibition rooms for Peugeot and Opel brands, as well as multi-brand workshops.

The Opel Exhibition Room can accommodate 3 Opel cars, where the Opel range will be showcased as Opel Corsa’s best sellers and to New OPEL Mokka SUV enthusiasts launched a week ago in Tunisia, Opel Crossland, not to mention the intended use of the Combo. for professional use.

In addition, authorized technical services are provided there, ranging from immediate care (regular maintenance, oil changes, etc.), to general mechanics, including electromechanics, diagnostics and bodywork.

Multi-brand workshops can take an average of 40 cars a day: between regular maintenance, mechanics and metal / paper metal work. They have 4 decks and 20 work stations.

The company also has a real spare parts store that can supply brands represented by stafim Groupe in Tunisia, in accordance with international manufacturer’s standards.

The STAFIM Group Network now has 56 sales scores spread across Tunisia, including several Multibrand websites. The main goal is to serve and satisfy its customers throughout Tunisia.

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