Large collection of pre-war vehicles at Rallye Bugatti International 2022 – –

Large collection of pre-war vehicles at Rallye Bugatti International 2022 – –

The Occitanie region in southern France has recently hosted a very special group of visitors, all of whom were born in eastern France. Ready to explore winding country roads, deep valleys and lush green fields with historic cemeteries, at least 108 pre-war Bugattis – provided by Molsheim between 1910 and 1939 – collected in the village of Najac, all connected by the spirit of Bugatti: long. -is standing with enthusiasm and congratulations for the brand and its cars.

Each year, one of the 15 Bugatti Clubs – spread across 15 countries of Europe, North America, Japan and Australia – organizes the Bugatti International Conference. With this edition of 2022 held from June 12 to 19, the Bugatti Club of France successfully brought together owners from at least 18 countries to introduce some of the best roads in the Occitanie area, and build a record with these cars they value. very much and celebrate the history of the brand.

A parade of more than 100 pre-war Bugatti vehicles took place over 1,200 kilometers through southern France, in the valleys of Lot, Aveyron and Tarn. The historic palaces of Cénevière, Bosc and Mauriac have also opened their doors to welcome these legendary cars.

Owners of pre-war Bugatti cars, of all ages and backgrounds, are united by the enthusiasm and fascination with Ettore and Jean Bugatti’s creativity. Although some of these vehicles are more than a century old, their design and engineering have withstood the test of time. They are still driving on the road as they first left Molsheim. The public interest in 108 modern cars was confirmed from village to village similar to that of the owners, enjoying the enthusiasm aroused among interested people from all over the world.

Among the many Bugatti present this year were two unique designs from the prestigious French brand: The 35th “Grand Prix de Lyon”, the 1924 model and the Type 54, a car with impressive power already in its heyday. .

Type 35 Bugatti
The Type 35 Bugatti is one of the most efficient cars of all time. He won more than 2,000 victories between 1924 and 1931.

At the end of July 1924, Bugatti entered four of the 35 species in the French Grand Prix of Lyon. It was the first time that Ettore Bugatti introduced this new style, which led to the creation of a special edition “Grand Prix de Lyon”. Respect for the models who participated in the Grand Prix that year, the car that was present at the 2022 Bugatti International Competition, quite real compared to its first trip in 1924, marks more than a century of history.

The first versions of the Type 35 at that time were capable of reaching speeds of over 190 km / h. Combined with a 2.3-liter eight-cylinder engine and a large charger, the future model called Type 35 B saw its power increase to 140 hp and its top speed exceeded 215 km / h. In addition to their performance, these engines were also known for their reliability and endurance. Type 35 is designed to perform as well on the road as it does on the racetrack. Indeed, when he created it, Ettore Bugatti made sure that it could be run on a race and win a race but could also bring drivers back home after a race, and thus run on the road.

In this fashion, Ettore Bugatti designed the lightest car of his time, realizing that the heaviest components could be the brakes on the victory. To reduce overcrowding and thus improve suspension, Bugatti was also the first brand to create special, low-friction wheels. For Type 35, a new axle was also created: weighing 10 kg, it was very light at the time, but still stable. The unmodified mass of Type 35 was further reduced, allowing a race car, weighing only 750 kilograms, to hit a corner at a much faster speed. At the time, Ettore Bugatti designed all his models as race cars, but he also installed – at the request of customers – side wings and front lights, all to allow them to run on the road.

Bugatti Type 54
Intended to replace the Type 35 victory, Type 54 of 1931 – which shone during the 2022 Bugatti International Competition – is one of the 9 rare models provided by Bugatti and the only 54, out of the 4 that still exist, which its owner runs both. on the road and on the perimeter. Designed between 1932 and 1934 with a 5-liter eight-cylinder engine, Type 54 produced a power output of 300 hp – an unusual figure at the time – to meet stiff competition from other manufacturers on the cables.

With a gearbox reduced to three gears – instead of the usual four – specially designed to withstand speed, Type 54 can reach up to 250 km / h in third gear, the highest speed at that time.

Prominent drivers Louis Chiron and Achille Varzi showed the very first 54 races at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza in 1931, showing everyone the incredible speed of this new race car before the flat tires prevented them from bringing home the victory. Despite this disappointment, Varzi still managed to secure third place on the podium.

Photo: Rémi Dargegen for Bugatti