Land Rover presents its Defender 130 – 98.5 Montreal

Land Rover presents its Defender 130 – 98.5 Montreal

Land Rover has launched this morning a new version of its Defender, the 130 model. It was announced last year and now it’s finally taking shape.

Considering that we knew what awaited us, there are few surprises, but still, let’s take a look at what awaits users.

Initially, the Defender 130 will come standard with a third row of seats. In fact, eight seats will be offered on the board. It was possible to choose a third bench seat with the 110 model, but it was obviously more difficult in the back. Because that’s the main difference, the 130 model is 13.4 inches longer than the 110 variant.

Therefore, there is more space for luggage. In fact, Land Rover talks about a space of 13.7 cubic feet (388 liters) behind the third row, 43.5 (1232) behind the second and 80.9 (2291) behind the first row.

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Land Rover Defender 130, profile

Under the hood, don’t look for a V8 engine, at least not when the car is launched (available on 90 and 110 models, as an option). Buyers will have a choice between two 6-cylinder engines. This means that the 4-cylinder block of the basic versions of the 90 and 110 models is omitted, we think because of the size and weight of the car. So we will get a 3-liter 6-cylinder turbo that is available with other versions, as well as another 6-cylinder derivative offering a little bit of capacity.

Surprisingly, the latter will produce 296 horsepower, just like the 4-cylinder, but its torque will be greater at 347 lb-ft (that of the 4-cylinder engine is 295 lb-ft).

It remains to be seen whether this limitation will find its way to other versions of Defender. The model planned for our market will benefit from air suspension, which means more latitude in terms of ground clearance.

In terms of pricing, we will of course wait for the figures regarding the Canadian versions. For our neighbors to the south, the Defender 130 is priced at $69,350, or $14,500 more than the entry-level Defender 110. Note that the finish rate is higher from the start with the 130 model.

Starting prices for models 90 and 110 with us are currently $ 68,300 and $ 69,250, respectively.

We will have the opportunity to return to the staff and prices relevant to our market.

Land Rover Defender 130, interior