Land Rover, McLaren and weekend trips: Queen Elizabeth II’s passion for cars – World

Land Rover, McLaren and weekend trips: Queen Elizabeth II’s passion for cars – World

Queen Elizabeth II, who died on Thursday at the age of 96, was fascinated by the car industry. Not only did he drive a car, until the last years of his life, but he knew the mechanics of cars.

In recent years, one of the things of the queen has become very popular. Since protocol and security concerns did not allow him to drive on public roads, the king did so, recently, using a ‘Land Rover 4×4’ on weekend trips to the royal family estate.

Despite already being in poor health, Isabel II made a public appearance last June, on the occasion of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations. To honor the queen’s long reign on the British throne, the brand “McLaren” has released a special edition of their ‘Artura’ model, naming her ‘Elizabeth II’.

The newspaper ‘Diário Clarín’ reveals that “the Queen’s love affair with cars began during the Second World War, when she was a member of the Women’s Auxiliary Service and worked in a mechanical team. While she was in the Royal Army, she did not learn to drive. only, but also to repair the engines of trucks and ambulances”.

Isabel II’s taste for cars led her to create the Buckingham Palace garage, more than 70 years ago, and a luxury yacht whose value is very high, especially due to the media coverage of those who collected it.

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