Land Rover Defender commercial banned from television

Land Rover Defender commercial banned from television

THE Advertising Standards Authority of England (ASA), commercialized Land Rover prohibited. This clip shows the Defender jeep doing what it was designed to do: crossing tough environments like deserts and forests. This environment had traffic signs.

But then why the hell was Defender to do what he was banned from British television? The reason is the commercial end, where the car turns towards a cliff and the rear sensor beeps. The safety conscious found this misleading and could lead to accidents.


But as we well know, there is nothing better to promote business than its prohibition. Jaguar Land Rover tried to appeal the decision, but the ban was upheld.

So, dear reader, don’t wait for the rear sensor to start before the rocks if you have a Land Rover Defender. The car already has a 360 ° camera system to help with maneuvers and routes.

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