Land Rover Defender arrives in the “short” version for R $ 540 thousand

Land Rover Defender arrives in the “short” version for R $ 540 thousand

It may seem strange today, but there was a time when the English Land Rover had as its main – and only – produced a small utility vehicle that was very simple, cheap and able to cope with the worst roads in the world.

Launched in 1948, it was this small jeep that brought the brand to success, making it synonymous with resistance, versatility and reliability. So much so that, until 1970 – when the more modern Range Rover was launched – “the” Land Rover and “the” Land Rover were one and the same.

Time passed, “Land Rover” – identified only by its series (I, II and III) – finally received the name of the model, Defender, in 1983, and today “Land Rover” is described in Wikipedia as “an English luxury car. brand of Jaguar Land Rover”, producing expensive and modern SUVs.

Even the Defender, which until a few years ago still retained the raw look of its ancestors – and which was produced here in Brazil, between 1998 and 2005 – today is one of those SUVs, capable of dealing with very rough roads. but it is restricted to class A travelers.

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Launched in Brazil in 2020, this new generation of Defender (the fifth) was only available in longer versions, with a four-door body, called 110. Now, the brand announces the arrival of a shorter version, 90, with only two. doors and a short wheelbase – and therefore a little closer to the “Land Rover” we talked about in the first paragraphs of this post.

The model brings under the hood a four-cylinder gasoline engine P300 2.0, which produces 300 hp, connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission, and an all-wheel drive system (4×4) designed to cope with all types of terrain.

The model is manufactured at Jaguar Land Rover’s factory in Nitra, Slovakia, and, according to the automaker, has undergone more than 62,000 tests, in all possible conditions.

4×4 advanced technology

The Defender 90, built with a high-strength aluminum block, has an independent four-wheel suspension and air suspension with a system called Adaptive Dynamics, which monitors the vehicle’s movements 500 times per second, providing instant reactions according to the situation. road.

The intelligent system can recognize the type of election situation, change the body height up to 14.5 cm automatically.

In addition, as in other models of the brand, there is a Terrain Response 2 system, which can be configured and allows you to choose your off-road settings according to need, manually or automatically.

Defender 90 has up to 29.1 cm of ground clearance (2 cm higher than any Land Rover model) and approach, departure and departure angles of 38, 31 and 40 degrees respectively. The vehicle can cross flooded areas up to 90 cm deep.

Its overall length is 4.58 m (against 4.75 m of the 110 version) and 2.58 m of wheelbase (against 3.02 m of the big brother).

With several improvements and a completely redesigned exterior and interior, the new Defender 90 offers the latest onboard technology, with a transparent hood, the new PIVI PRO connectivity system, a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and Terrain Response II (configurable).

five star interior

This Defender has a technology called Clear Sight Ground View – or transparent helmet – which allows the driver to see areas in front that are normally hidden by the helmet.

In addition, it offers a view from the rear, without restrictions of the interior of the car, thanks to the interior mirror and a feature called Clear Sight Rear View.

The car also has Software-Over-The-Air (SOTA) technology, with 14 individual modules and can be updated through data download via Wi-Fi, from the Internet, and the PIVI PRO infotainment system, accessible via the touch screen Intuitive and simplified for routine tasks.

The instrument panel is interactive and measures 12.3 inches, providing high definition 3D mapping in the same area as the instrument. The sound is from the Meridian brand, it has 400W and 11 speakers with a subwoofer connected and the interior light of the cabin can be configured.

The fifth-generation Defender 90 is now open for pre-sales and is available only in the SE version, with prices starting at R$539,950.

The car is available in Pangea Green and Tasman Blue color combinations with a contrasting white roof, Gondwana Stone with a contrasting black roof and Santorini Black. Inside, the finish can receive leather.

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