Land Rover Classic rebuilt 25 vintage Defender V8s

Land Rover Classic rebuilt 25 vintage Defender V8s

Inspired by the journeys taken by other Defender owners, Land Rover Classic has recreated 25 examples of the classic model, featuring a V8 and special trim.

Land Rover draws on its history and spirited character to relaunch limited edition production of the “old” Defender. Through its Classic department, the Coventry manufacturer is launching a limited run of 25 Defender Works V8 Trophy II models.

Known for its all-round capabilities and making it an unparalleled explorer, the Defender has participated in many rally events and other expeditions: Camel Trophy, First Overland, G4 Challenge… To pay tribute to these seven decades of travel, Land Rover offers . for this The very limited Trophy II series is a “stealth” model that retraces some of the countries that travelers have passed through. According to Land Rover, wrap “highlights 23 routes that Land Rover has conquered in more than 70 years of off-road innovation.” including historic off-road challenges and “the most recent Land Rover trips, to South Africa, Laos or Peru“.

Modern construction

The Classic Defender Works V8 Cup is based on Defender built between 2012 and 2016. Rebuilt by hand by Land Rover’s Classic department, with many technical modifications to make it modern: stronger suspension, improved steering, brake tuning… The Defender Trophy is available in short 90 and long 110 Station Wagon versions as well such, for the first time on the Trophy model, in the 110 Double Cab Pick-Up. Of the 25 vehicles, Land Rover Classic will only build five Double Cab Pickups, with the remaining 20 split evenly between the 90 and 110 Station Wagon bodies.

Outside, the white bodywork is contrasted with black details: roof, 18-inch rims, rivet heads, accessories, gills … The A-shaped shield includes a winch under the grille, while the black satin bonnet reduces glare when the sun shines. very little power. For night driving, a 1.27m wide LED bar is mounted on the roof. Inside the plane, the Defender Cup has it amazing white and black Recaro bucket seats. The dashboard, doors and headliner are covered in leather. On the dashboard, a custom clock designed by Elliot Brown occupies the outer cover.

Participation in the Land Rover Trophy together

Under the hood, it is V8 5.0 petrol 405 hp in charge. Combined with the original ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox, the block produces a torque of 515 Nm. It provides enough power from difficult situations, such as when crossing 500 mm bridges. This is also one of the events that await future owners of these 25 models, all of whom will be invited to go and drive in a convoy to the second edition of Land Rover Trophy. This three-day event is for Land Rover owners only, as the name suggests.

Photo: Land Rover.

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