Lancia Ypsilon UnYca offer, why it pays and why it does not pay

Lancia Ypsilon UnYca offer, why it pays and why it does not pay

We have often mentioned the tendency of car manufacturers to provide specific models via the web only: let’s see in April a practical example and Lancia Ypsilon UnYcaonly available through the official website.

Precisely, the online shopping section refers, in detail, to a financial calculator, which allows you to configure volume and phase; however, there is a starting model, for a basic configuration vehicle, which costs 15,100 euros.

The initial discount, which includes further reduction of online trading, brings prices up to 12,550 euros. It then takes 500 euros to order online, for a total of 3,960 euros in advance.

So the installment is 36 per month from Euro 140.50, by rotation (TAN 6.85%, APR 9.58%). The final phase of the maxi instead is 5,395.17 euros, for a total of 45,000 kilometers, with the usual possibility of replacement, restoration or redemption.

In the example no additional services are displayed, but an online purchase allows you to cancel the order at no cost, or otherwise return the car within 14 days of delivery.


Lancia produces only the Ypsilon model, which is characterized by a large number of privatization: UnYca, from this perspective, is the most unique, as it is only sold online, with a special set.

The initial total discount can reach more than 2,500 euros without the need for cancellation; even payments of approximately 140 euros per month are very low. By purchasing online, however, it is possible to cancel the order or restore the car.


The era of online shopping is now ripe, and Ypsilon is certainly a car with no surprises: however, there are still those who prefer to communicate directly on Sale. Unlike other competitors, there are no services included in the model, such as additional insurance or collateral.

in short

Example (example)

Lancia Ypsilon UnYca


BE-Smart Contribution Price, online only


April 30, 2022


15,100 euros

Reduced price list

12,550 euros, including additional discounts for online trading

Additional services

It is possible to cancel an online order at no cost or return the car within 14 days after delivery


3,960 euros, which is 500 euros for the start of an online order


36 monthly installments of 140.50 euros and rounding installments

Collection costs

3.50 euros per month





High end phase (VFG)

5,395.17 euros

Mile limit

45,000 miles

Limitations and conditions

Without obligation to exchange or cancel

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