Lamborghini Tecnomar “Sián FKP 37”: a huge power of 4000 horses

Lamborghini Tecnomar “Sián FKP 37”: a huge power of 4000 horses

The first “Lamborghini Tecnomar 63”, a sports yacht designed by the Italian brand and inspired by the Sián FKP 37 supercar design, has been delivered to its owner.

This new concept of a speedboat was launched in 2020, it would look like a nautical Lamborghini. Its structure and its colors are based on Sián FKP 37the first one hybrid supercar of Sant’Agata. His sweet name? of Tecnomar by Lamborghini 63.

Two 4000 horsepower V12s!

of motoryacht has equipment two 2000 MAN V12 engines each other, which makes it the fastest yacht in the fleet Tecnomar from Italian Sea Group. Crazy power but very important to control about 24 tons of this” marine hypercar »classified in the category of ultralight… yachts thanks to its structure especially in carbon fiber.

“We are proud to see the essence of Lamborghini DNA go to sea with the same attitude as our supercars rolling on the asphalt”, said Stefano Rutigliano, Lamborghini’s chief strategy officer. “This boat is proof that the shared values ​​and full cooperation of the two teams are the key to the implementation of the best projects.”

A yacht in the color of Lamborghini

The design of this boat is compact identity from Lamborghini. Silhouette super sportyavant-garde and above all on the contrary from what we normally get the boat The palace was designed by engineers specialized in the study of hydrodynamics.

The front lights of the boat are respect for two Lamborghini models. A fancy car Third Millennium one side and Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 the other side. Everything is made to believe car.

Dashboard it is almost identical to what is found in Lamborghini, but in design in the sea Small details that contain its importance :button “Start and Stop”. It is reminiscent of the one in example super sports from Lamborghini.

Finally, we can explore consumption carbon on several elements Of the boatas seen in cars.

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Three different versions

yacht available in three versions difference. First, there is the issue a rest room. It allows customers to have a concept work and essential to life. This version has accessories of the kitchena large open space with a sofa and wardrobe as well as a the bathroom

Second edition of this yacht retains everything that version a rest room gives In addition, the galley will be separated from the forward area of the boat Allowing connect king bed in the front of the car

Finally, the latest version of the boat is a format worth having high level of space and comfort. In fact, you will have two cabins independent. This version obviously preserves it all praise of the living room version.